The coding skills of Nextbrain technologies is not unknown to the world, with our wide range of mobile and web app development solutions and thousands of satisfied clients. Now its time to reveal our sports skills. On 28 th December, we organized our annual sports day. 


Sports is an integral part of everyone’s life but rarely do we emphasize its significance in our lives. Active participation in sports not only keeps us physically fit but makes us mentally energetic and accelerates team building activities. Playing sports can never be an option, but a compulsory activity for a better living.

Take a tour of our annual sports day and witness the sportsman spirit in us. Various events and games were organized such that each employee could participate in at least one of the activities.

100-meter race

The day started with a 100-meter race for girls and boys. This was an individual activity, each competing with all the other participants. All participants ran as fast as they could. Some won the race and others won the hearts.

100meter Girl race



The winners of Girls 100 meter Race is Suganya

100meter_winner_girl suganya

Winner of Boys 100 meter Race is Navaneeth Rajan100meter_winner_boy navaneeth rajan

Relay race

Since after the 100-meter race, the champions in running were identified, hence the real race took place among the winners and runners up of the 100-meter race. The best of the runners participated in the relay in teams and the best of the best team Oddappz was declared the winner. 

Relay Race


relay race nextbrain

The winner personalities are Praveen, Suganya, Ramesh and Aman Favas.



Badminton was played in an indoor badminton court, where the players gave each other a tough competition in the singles and the players displayed coordination and teamwork in the double match.

Badmiton nextbrain

Badmiton_champions nextbrain

After many rounds of knockout matches, the winners on the singles and doubles were declared, choosing the best players.

badmiton group pics

Winner of Badminton Singles was Tejashvi Talekar  

Girls badmiton winner

Badminton Doubles were Vijay Kumar  and Anbarasan

badmiton doubles winner

Throw ball

The throw ball match was a team challenge only for the girls. Each team chooses three of the most competent players to offer hard competition to the opponent team. Team Nextbrain was the winner who made it extremely difficult for the other teams with their concentration and strategy.



throwball nextbrain


Throwball Winners are Shilpa, Mallika, and Asma.

Throwball winner


The volleyball challenge was played by the boys of each team. The strengths of their hands and capability to aim a great height was put to test, thus making it difficult for the opponent to hit the ball. The match was played with high spirit and overflowing enthusiasm. 

volleyball nextbrain




Volleyball winner was Nextbrain Team.

Volleyball winner nextbrain 2018 Champions


After an eventful and tiring first half, we gathered for a scrumptious team lunch. This renewed our energy and post lunch Cricket matches were played by all of the teams.

cricket paly

cricket batting

cricket bowling akshay

cricket batting nextbrain 

Team Nextbrain knocked down the other teams with their mind-blowing performances.

Nextbrain Champions 2018 cricket winner


One of the most popular indoor games, carom was played by almost all of us and two winners, one champion each from the girls’ and boys’ tournaments were chosen, who showed the best performances among all.


carrom game nextbrain

carrom game doubles

The winners were carom girls is Asma 

girls Carrom winner ASma

Winner of Carrom singles boys is Ganesh.

Carrom singles winner boys


Carrom Doubles winners is Karthick & Saranraj

Carrom doubles winner


Every chess master was once a beginner. We believe and follow this saying. The Chess players, who were once a beginner, offered tough competition, racing against each other to become the master.

Chess game

Chess players

The winners of the CHESS girls was Shilpa

Chess girls winner

 Chess boys tournament winner were Shiva

Chess boys winner is

Finally, the eventful day came to an end with the award giving ceremony. The efforts of each of the participants were recognized and appreciated. A lot of effort was taken to make the day an eventful and successful one. Without the active participation and enthusiasm of all, this event would not have been such a fruitful one. The count down and waiting for begins until the next annual sports day.





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