The cost to Build Hotel Booking Software like OYO Rooms

Hotel Booking Marketplace software has become famous, since travellers prefer to book hotel rooms in a foreign land, before they arrive, rather than checking out each hotel in the vicinity physically. However, the hotel booking apps lost its glory, since many of the websites faked the travellers with impressive pictures of the hotel rooms and various false promises of modern amenities. This was when mobile apps and software like Oyo rooms came into play and soon gained popularity. This software like the Oyo rooms offered a marketplace for the travellers and the hotels. The potential customers and guests could check out various hotels for a particular destination and compare them easily, without the effort of visiting many websites. The individual hotels were also relieved of mobile app development and deployment for online booking. They could easily pay some amount and showcase their hotel using the app.

Hotel booking app OYO Rooms

Nextbrain Technologies offer to you, a hotel booking marketplace application similar to the OYO rooms software.

Here is a tour of the application and the features that are offered by this web and mobile apps.

Super Admin panel

  • Super admin panel is controlled by the admin of the entire application.
  • The admin is able to access the list of hotels that are listed in the app, along with details of each hotel, the number of rooms that are listed in this platform, along with details of the amenities offered and the price quoted.
  • Along with these, the bookings under each hotel, the subscriptions, discounts and offers can be implemented and controlled by the admin.
  • Payment transaction management
  • Customers management
  • Hotels management
  • Promotional activities management
  • Various reports can be generated by the admin using various filters to get an overview of the business.

Hotel Lists

Hotel Vendor panel

  • The hotel panel is used by the individual hotels in order to keep a track of all the bookings.
  • This app helps in booking management and details of all the booking done by the customers on each day.
  • The hotel admin is able to add rooms, upgrade or remove amenities, check the various types of accommodation, that has been chosen by the customers.
  • The hotel can also generate various kinds of reports and analytics, in order to get an overview of the business.
  • The vendor hotels are able to view the graphical representations of the bookings over a certain period, the transactions, details of rooms with the details of the customers, along with the check-in or check out time.
  • The staff reports can also be seen by the hotel.
  • The hotel admin can introduce or remove any coupon or discount given, along with the details of the coupon, such as the redemption amount, validity period and conditions of application.
  • The room management option helps the hotels to manage the various rooms, their types and the facilities that are included with the rooms.
  • Accounts management can also be done.
  • The customer reviews and ratings can be seen by the hotel and response to any queries can also be addressed by the admin of the hotel or vendor app

Hotels Room Types

Manager dashboard panel

  • This allows the managers of individual hotels to keep a track of all the bookings and the customers,  such that a clear overview of the business could be available, along with room management, booking management as well as the generation of various reports and statistics.
  • This helps the managers to keep on track all the bookings as well as the transactions to help the hotel run smoothly.

Front desk staff account

  •  The front desk app is facilitated with the booking details, along with details of accounts management.
  •  This helps the front desk staffs to help with the smooth check-in and check-out of the customers.
  •  The booking details of each of the customers help in avoiding overlap with booking, along with rolling out information to the customers and guests enquiring.

Guest details Cart

Customer application features

  •  The front end or the customer app, helps the customers to book the hotel online.
  •  They can filter the hotels using filters such as based on city, location, room type, amenities as well as price.
  •  These filters will help the customers to choose the best hotels for themselves.
  •  The customers can also do the guest booking, without creating an account in the app.
  •  For guest login, the customers need to provide their mobile number and an OTP verification will be needed, in order to continue booking the hotel rooms as a guest.
  •  An online payment gateway is provided, helping the customers pay for the hotel room booking.

The hotel room booking marketplace app like Oyo rooms is loaded with features that make the process of hotel room booking over app a great experience

How will the business model work?


Hotel Flow of nextbrain


Required timeline and cost to build the hotel booking application, which will vary based on companies & their country. 

Please find the estimated timeline and budget to build the product.

  • Requirement analyse & management – 240 hrs
  • UX Design & UI Integration – 350 hrs
  • Web application development (Customer, Hotel and Admin access + API development) – 1200 hrs
  • Customer iOS application – 700 hrs
  • Customer Android application – 700 hrs
  • QA – 220 hrs

Need min 3410 hrs to build the web and mobile application. We need min 16 weeks to deliver the application from the start date.

The costing will vary based on countries of development firms.

  • In USA, It will cost you $170,000 USD to $250,000 USD
  • In Europe, it will cost you $100,000 USD to $150,000 USD.
  • In Asia, It will cost you $50,000 USD to $100,000 USD.

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