Several educational institutions such as colleges and institutes always remain in the confusion of whether they should focus on educating their students or spend time completing the tedious paperwork that gets piled up now. Several teachers and administrators spend ample time getting busy clearing paperwork like marking attendance, filing grade sheets, and scheduling and planning class events. Therefore, it distracts teachers from their main role of giving primary attention to students. Additionally, they can select to automate the activities using the modern technology of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

In this blog, we have given complete insights into the ways RPA has impacted transforming educational institutions. By reading this article, readers will get a comprehensive knowledge of the different RPA aspects and their benefits in an educational institution.

What is robotic process automation?

RPA is considered a reliable driver of effectiveness in handling repetitive activities. It will diminish expenses, enhance work quality and advance productivity. Schools and universities can acquire automation systems based on RPA technology. This can lead RPA developers constantly focus on implementing methods that can make the learning process even easier.

RPA opportunities for educational institutions

RPA opportunities for educational institutions

In this context, there are different operational activities in educational institutions and organizations where Robotic Process Automation can be executed. Let’s take a look at the different opportunities for educational institutions. 

Attendance management

RPA can be utilized for managing the attendance of students and staff members. It offers an automated attendance report with a meeting request that can be sent to parents of students. Staff members and teachers are capable of receiving their monthly attendance reports with the help of RPA technology.

Preparation of grade sheets 

Teachers evaluate the answers of students during the examination period. Marks of subjects are brought together for building report cards and grade sheets. Robotic process automation can assist automate the process by automatically generating at a later stage. Subsequently, RPA can come equipped with machine learning capabilities. 

Scheduling meetings & events

The system of robotic process automation is capable of automatically scheduling events and meetings. Any form of ERP and CRM system combined with RPA is capable of operating different types of Windows applications. For example, RPA can process by reading emails from a student regarding meeting requests and scheduling meetings and events.  

Student data management & registration  

RPA is integrated with relevant features that collect data of students and store them safely. The student data management system has the potential to verify their eligibility for the preferred program, complete the registration process, receive registration fees, and send a confirmation email to students. It is capable of conducting all sorts of activities for selecting a substitute program dependent on grades, shortlisting candidates, and many more.

Staff payroll management and hiring  

The system works like a student management system. As the leading RPA development company, we offer RPA consultants’ services that work to manage staff hiring and payroll management. A robotic process automation system can be potentially used for shortlisting new candidate applications and scheduling them for interviewers. It is capable of recommending the interviewer with his past experience, qualification, and industry norms. It evaluates the attendance of existing staff members as well as determines eligible payment for the new staff employee. It releases payment to staff without involving any need for intermediaries. 

Management of vendors

Schools and universities curate different items from local vendors. These goods include educational accessories and food items. RPA is integrated with the vendor management system that successfully handles the vendors for releasing the payment for old orders and placing new orders depending on demand. It assists in the demand management of essential items that are required on the university premises. Our educational software services offer highly scalable and robust RPA technologies for student, school, and educational authority’s system management. The systems help to streamline school and university operations by complete automation and efficiency. 

Technical support

During admission, examination and transfer processes, universities, colleges and many other educational institutions have received a high number of queries from staff members, students, website visitors and parents. RPA can be combined with natural language processing as well as artificial intelligence for training robots to respond to different queries on time with efficiency. 

Not only does it play a major role in saving costs but also manages customer queries. The chatbots can be customized to answer different customer queries with the same efficiency and accuracy.


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