Node.js is growing quickly with almost unprecedented adoption. In the past five years more than 200,000 node.js modules have been added by developers. Node.js is JavaScript based scripting language. It has suddenly become massively popular among mobile app developers and shows no signs of going away.

What is driving this growth among enterprise developers?

The supporting ecosystem of Node Modules around the core has been seen strong growth. The Node community has greatly benefited from having the Node package Manager tool (npmjs), which provides the central repository of shared modules.

This is key part of the flexible, lightweight work flow of Node.js due to which each app can include a set of dependencies in its own dependency trees. Thus, each application can have its dependencies bundled individually for that application, avoiding potential dependency conflicts with other applications. This flexible framework has led to growth of number of shared modules.

Node.js particularly suited to those companies that had web facing infrastructure and mobile apps that needed to innovate quickly on the backend, using a micro services architecture. If we talk about the future of node.js it will shine also in future. It has a stable core with backwards compatibility maintained across most versions and ability to run real solutions in production in very large enterprise.

The LTS(Long term support) of Node.js was already released and with further LTS release of Node planned every 12 months. This long term support plan gives enterprise developer a reliable understanding of which version of Node is safe to use if they want to experiment and which to use if they plan to deploy to production.

While node is not intended to replace other languages. But it will certainly make its own place as one of the tools for enterprise software development and will hold that place for very long time. Node has already shown early promise for IOT(Internet of Thing) implementation. For web based and Mobile based backend systems, Node is here to stay.




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