Innovation, advancement, and uniqueness are what we practice and fabricate here at Oddappz. To provide convenience and better business management platform to our clients, every day we try to do something better and different. If we talk about our online food ordering and delivery platform, our application is perfect and the operational process is simple. There are two operational logistics in the business model, namely food ordering and food delivery. Food ordering is the part of customers where they place order through the application. But Food delivery is the job of the businesses. There are various parties involved in the lifecycle of Food delivery.

The placed order first transferred to the chosen restaurant and then to the delivery staffs. We have already launched the application for delivery staffs, Today we are launching a new module to our online food ordering and delivery product and this module is specially designed for vendors to manage their part of business efficiently through the product. This module will serve as the backbone of whole online food ordering and delivery process because this is the solution for the source of food (Restaurant). The application module will empower the restaurants to effectively manage all the food delivery processes related to the restaurant. Let’s check out some of the important features of our vendor app.

1. The application is compatible with all major platforms i.e android and iOS.

2. Vendor will accept the notification of every order with beep sound on the application.

3. Vendor has to sign up/ log in to access the application. The vendor can simply login to the application by entering registered credentials.

4. The vendor can log-out from the application, can update the password and can edit the profile easily.

5. The vendor can see the list of all orders placed by the customers.

6. The Application has sorting option, where vendor can sort the orders by date, time, type and location. The vendor can easily filter orders through the application.

7. The vendor can see full details of any particular order like order info, customer info, delivery info and payment info.

8. The application allows the vendor to change the status of the order.

9. If the order is ready, the vendor can assign the order to the specific driver. In case if the delivery is managed by other party then the automatic notification can be sent to concerned dash board.

10.The application is multi-lingual. Currently it is embedded with English and Arabic languages.




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