How often you receive call from your customer wanting to know when their order would arrive. It is very clear nowadays that customers need visibility in every aspect in any business. Let me say, there are thousands of your competitors present in the market trying day and night to lure your customers with special offers, services, products and features. You have to think beyond the boundaries. What about providing a special facility to your customer which is very unique in the market? Yes, that is order tracking facility in real time.

Very few brands providing this facility to their customers like Uber and dominos. On conversation with a Dominos customer when asked about why Dominos only? he replied “I love pizza, I order it more than necessary and sometimes even twice. But I order it from dominos only. Many pizza serving restaurants can be found in the city with amazing offers, massive discounts but couldn’t lure me away. The only reason for my loyalty is efficient delivery and order tracking system.

What is order Tracking System?

Generally, when you order something, you receive text messages and emails from providers like “Your order have been placed”, “your package have been dispatched”, “Your order is on the way”, “Your package has been sent to the port”, “your order is out for delivery”. This is old way of order tacking. By our unique order tracking facility now you can real time placement of order on the map. You can estimate exactly when your order will arrive by virtually looking at map and more precisely by ETA.

How Order Tracking System going to help your customers?

Order tracking system is very new and unique feature in the industry. Many customers are un-aware of this facility, but once they will use it, going to boost their trust among customers for your business. We are listing some points here, how order tracking system going to help your customers?

1. Order tracking system will increase visibility among the customers. Now order processing process will be more transparent helps to boost customer’s trust and loyalty for your business.

2. Customers can track orders from the moment the order is placed to when they are physically delivered to the destination location like a live update.

3. Order tracking facility will meet customer expectation and provide peace of mind.

How Order Tracking System going to help your business?

Competition is becoming tougher with each passing day in food delivery industry. Lots of new startups have been arrived with unique concept and amazing offers, but according to a report, Dominos saw an increase of 25% to 45% in its sale despite of huge competition. They say, the major reason was introduction of order tracking System. This system helped increase its market share. Apart from this, here we are listing some more point, how order tacking system going to help your business?

1. It will encourage your customer to return to your website and application again and again.

2. With order tracking facility, Customer will stay longer on your application during tracking might end with additional order or purchase.

3. Your business will be more trust worthy and reliable before customer.

4. Reduce costly calls from customers inquiring about the status of order.

So this feature is a new gem in the market. So grab this amazing feature for your business as soon as possible. We are here to help. Our Application comes with real time order tracking system to facilitate your customer to track orders in real time. So boost your business revenue and standard in the market with us and stand ahead in the competition.




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