Automotive industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and it is increasingly becoming integrated with technology. With the advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and the IoT architecture, mobile apps are predicted to have more control on both the hardware and software of the vehicles. In-car infotainment, entertainment and diagnostics will be integrated in the mobile app and one will be able to control their vehicles remotely through the app, with smart notifications making sure of vehicle health. In this article however, we will focus on the development process of such apps and see how such applications are incredibly beneficial to both the drivers of the vehicles and the automotive industry as a whole.

Of course, significant attention is also required in the UX design of such apps because they often have a lot of features packed in them together. Additionally, care should be taken to meet all the regulatory demands placed on them in terms of safety regarding certain things in the automotives. Automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries in places like the USA, India, and elsewhere. If an application has both dynamic functionality and cost effectiveness in terms of development and deployment it is bound to establish a stronghold in the industry. This includes adding functionalities like the ability to take control of the vehicle’s voice control, GPS, web browsing, and media services all in the application.

Mobile app development process focused on the automotive industry

Mobile apps can either be developed for the travelling experience on the road or can be focused on the makers of such automotive vehicles. Different kinds of mobile apps already exist in both realms. However, significant market capitalization potential exists for applications that focus on improving the travel experience of the consumers. Additionally mobile apps that can automatically control parts of vehicles face significant legal challenges when it comes to implementing their ideas. There is also a significant amount of competition when it comes to developing such an app because everybody wants to tap into the potential of the unexplored automotive industry for mobile apps.

Benefits of mobile apps for the automotive Industry

Following are the many benefits of mobile apps for the automotive industry,and the list will just expand as more innovations are done in the software industry especially in the IoT and artificial intelligence department.

benefits of mobile apps for the automotive industry

An increasingly connected experience

Both Android and iOS can help provide an increasingly connected experience for the person who uses the vehicle. With the integration of IoT technology, the users of the app will be able to remotely control many parts of the vehicle, including the engine heating, air conditioner and locking systems. Lights and windows can also be controlled via applications. Apart from being able to control such things from anywhere, it will also show the status of those very same parameters at all times when inspection is necessary.

Intelligent communication

With the advent of artificial intelligence, this technology will increasingly gte adopted in all vehicles on the road. This will help them to communicate with each other, preventing any kind of accidents. A part of the communication mechanism can already be seen in the automotive industry where mobile apps are used for receiving instant notifications regarding any critical parameter about the vehicle. They can also send emergency messages to friends and family or call the right services when necessary to do so. They can do all this in very low network bandwidth.

Increased efficiency

Efficiency of the vehicles that use this type of technology is greatly increased. For example, fuel is effectively conserved as the application automatically controls the usage of fuel at certain points of the driving experience. This includes things like turning off the engine while the vehicle waits for a traffic light. Mobile apps can also be used in automotive production to help increase efficiency of many processes including supply chain management, marketing and workforce related problems. Mobile apps can thus help the manufacturing side as well.

Easy upgrade capability

Mobile applications can be easily upgraded to include the next innovation in software technology as they are made in a very modular fashion. The mobile application development process can be made to include such upgrades while being able to be easily installed in different kinds of vehicles with different hardware in them. This is possible because the application can detect the type of vehicle when it is connected to it. Even IoT devices can learn behaviour and then personalise their processes based on user preferences through the use of technology. This capability allows for regular improvements to happen in the field.

Media and entertainment

The mobile app development process will obviously include endless entertainment options that can be integrated into the driving experience. Both Android and iOS app stores have app bundles that are specifically tailored for the automotive industry. Endless downloads over wifi and the abundant technology of sound systems inside vehicles will make the entertainment side of the travelling experience extremely attractive to customers. Even some social media can be integrated with the entertainment package that comes with the app.


Automotive industry is quickly becoming upgraded through technology and mobile apps are at the center of many of these innovations. With the development of artificial intelligence and IoT devices, mobile apps will have more opportunities in the market of the automotive vehicles. Nextbrain Technologies is the best mobile app development company that has its headquarters in Bangalore, India. We have expertise in various technologies like Swift and Flutter that help us develop Android, iOS and even cross platform applications. We also have in-house UX/UI designers that provide custom UX design to the applications. Because of our high quality services, we are well known among clients and are popular in the app development business. If you want an automotive app developed with custom features, contact us today with a detailed list of requirements.




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