Predictive analytics focuses on making proper predictions of future outcomes depending on historical or current data, analytics techniques, and statistical algorithms. By using predictive analytics models and tools, any company can perfectly forecast behaviors and trends in just a fraction of seconds. Predictive analytics has become very popular in various organizations, which is expected to hit USD 28.1 billion by the year 2026, with a CAGR of 21.7% during 2021-2026. Also, many factors like product launches,  acquisitions, and enhanced usage of machine learning and artificial intelligence are driving the implementation of predictive analytics in the current market.

How does predictive analytics accelerate mobile app development?

Predictive analytics is a great way for adding more clarity and insight to make proper business decisions. Below are some of the ways where predictive analytics is used in mobile app development to make it more efficient.

how does predictive analytics accelerate mobile app development

Predictive planning

Predictive analytics will be used in mobile apps for finding any repetitive mistakes that may result in various bugs in the code. We also analyze the total number of code lines developed by the developers along with the time taken for them to write the code. It offers us the details to find whether we can meet the specified delivery date or not.

Predictive analytics DevOps

DevOps always merges the operations and mobile app development in order to accelerate the delivery time of mobile applications. In case the data of the production environment gets back to the development team, predictive analysis for mobile apps will assist in finding the coding process that is creating an unpleasant user experience for the customers in the market.

Predictive testing

Apart from testing each and every combination of the user interfaces and user actions with various systems, Predictive analytics can be used to detect a path that is generally used by the users and find the stage where the mobile app has been crashing. We also utilize algorithms in order to analyze common factors between the execution flows of users and find out on overlapping that usually shows the execution paths which are common.

Benefits of predictive analytics for mobile applications

There are many different ways in which businesses can utilize predictive analytics for improving the overall experience and effectiveness their mobile application provides. Below are the various benefits of Predictive Analytics for mobile applications.

benefits of predictive analytics for mobile app development

Greater user retention

Predictive Analytics assists in improving user retention to a great extent. It offers businesses the right picture of how customers interact with their app and various ways the customers are looking to engage with the app. Predictive Analytics assists entrepreneurs in correcting any issues and improving the features that attract customers.

Personalized marketing

Personalized marketing is a great indication of how many organizations utilize analytics to attract customers in using their predictive mobile apps. With the implementation of predictive analytics in your mobile app, it is easy to provide your users with the ultimate personalized messages and listings, thereby making the complete experience even more customized.

Finds out the screen content to be changed

Predictive analytics assists in finding what are the various factors of the app that are making the users leave their app or the various screens the users have viewed before going to leave the app. This data assists mobile app businesses greatly as they can clearly analyze where the problem exists. So, rather than modifying the complete predictive analysis mobile app, they only focus on improving a specific section or segment.

Identifies proper time for device switch

When perfectly implemented, predictive analytics for mobile applications offers businesses insight into what device as well as an operating system their customers are mostly using to make use of their app. This data is very crucial for the technical team because they will then make the app get designed based on the preferences of the target audience.

Makes clear analysis of notifications

In order to categorize the mobile app users into various segments based on who is greatly getting interacted with the mobile app, users mostly abandon the app, and users simply installed and forgotten your mobile app, Predictive analytics assists app marketers with the ultimate platform as they can easily get to know how to send their push notifications to various kinds of users.


Predictive analytics is the modern analytics approach to get a clear insight into the future of your app. It allows you to make well-informed decisions and stand ahead of your competitors. If you are looking to develop a mobile application by implementing predictive analytics, you need to hire a professional mobile app development company like Nextbrain. We have the most experienced mobile app developers specialized in developing unique and secure mobile apps by using Predictive analytics.




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