The popularity of flutter apps is increasing as it offers flexible and native features in the modern digital world. This encouraged many businesses to choose flutter which is much faster to create and deploy with attractive UI and widgets. But before you find a trusted flutter app development company it is necessary to choose the right agency offering high-performance apps with delicate features. So we have provided below the top10 flutter app development companies in Bangalore that help you to realize your business dreams.


DxMinds is a leading flutter app development company in Bangalore offering the best customized digital transformation solutions to promising start-ups, and large corporate clients. It was started in 2008 as an IT service company and is now the best mobile app development company with a team of 200+ members. They offer the best services in product engineering & development, re-engineering, maintenance & support, integration & data management, and QA & automation.

The dedicated full-fledge flutter developers reinforce the company with the best solution through a tactical approach meeting all the requirements of the customers. With the perfect integration of art, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, they provide the best-customized flutter apps ensuring a unique customer experience. The customer-centric agency follows an agile development strategy delivering robust and scalable solutions to many industries such as retail, automotive, logistics, banking, healthcare, etc. They have delivered their remarkable services to branded companies such as Disney, Fare Buzz, Deloitte, BYJU'S, etc.

Nextbrain Technologies

Nextbrain Technologies is the top flutter app development company in Bangalore. Started in 2016, they have turned into a full-fledged app development company helping businesses to resolve challenges and achieve their goals. Their dedicated flutter developers use advanced tools and technologies to deliver the best results within the deadline. Having a team of 55+ professionals, they have delivered 150+ projects providing a unique customer experience.

They also offer services in Android, iOS, React Native, SaaS, MVP development, web development, serverless development, UI/UX design, chatbot development, DevOps, digital transformation, and digital marketing. With the perfect combination of passion, technical expertise, and creativity, they handcraft high-quality flutter apps that are scalable, robust, user-friendly, and responsive, having attractive UI and rich widgets. They have extended seamless services to many industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, restaurants, grocery, salon,  shipping, food, etc. They have delivered the best solutions to many leading companies such as JM Baxi &Co., VNC DealerDirect, Wellintech, VNC, Basket, Deliva Africa, etc.

Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is a top flutter app development company in Bangalore, India. Founded in 2000, the team offers seamless services in handcrafting vigorous hybrid mobile apps with high-quality features and functionalities. They synergistically work to empower and transform business effectively in a dynamic market atmosphere to achieve more success unlocking the potentials of digital technologies. They provide flutter apps with enticing features such as 2D mobile app support, minimal code, customizable widgets, storage, camera, native features, and SDKs. They offer cost-effective solutions to both Android and iOS that work faster and smoother. The flutter app services include flutter app development, app consultation, app integration, UX/UI design, and maintenance & support. They deliver their optimal solutions to many verticals such as finance, healthcare, logistics, retail, manufacturing, education, and many more. Hp, Tata Motors, Bosch, etc. are their trusted partners.

Cumulations Technologies

Cumulations Technologies is a best flutter app development company in Bangalore with a team of dedicated technical architects, developers, and designers. Started in 2012, the company delivers seamless services in mobile app development, cloud & web solutions, and IoT & AL solutions. Having delivered more than 100 projects, they work with an insight to fulfill the needs of customers beyond their expectations. The talented team of flutter app developers in Bangalore focuses on the challenges to execute and implement the flutter app solutions smoothly and efficiently.

The team of Dart programmers, cross-platform testing & QA specialists, and material theming experts follow innovative and custom approaches with agility to develop industry-specific solutions. With utmost dedication and care, they have served many industries from different niches. Puma, Intel, Siemens HealthCare, ESPN, Titan, etc. are their major clients. BMW MOA, Waltr, Cerrowire, GoBooket, CD One, ZeOmega, etc are some of their flutter apps.

Aalpha Information Systems

Aalpha Information Systems is one of the best flutter development companies in Bangalore. The dedicated team transforms your raw idea into a unique brand identity and works together to deliver the best solutions to boost productivity. They offer services in IT consultancy, cloud services, web solutions, mobile app development, game development, and business solutions.

The talented flutter developers focus on cross-platform app development, end-to-end project management, and support & maintenance. They provide customized widgets for both Android & iOS platforms with high compatibility in programming languages. Having more than 10 years of experience in business, they have delivered more than 5000+ projects with a vision to deliver quality and timely solutions that suit customer’s requirements.

They have domain expertise in e-commerce, telecom, finance & insurance, healthcare, etc. The company has partnered with reputable companies such as RCL, KAMPYLE, SECURITAS, Swiss Re, The World Bank, etc.


Appeonix is a leading flutter app development company in Bangalore offering customized flutter app solutions that suit the refined preferences of the customers. They provide the best services in web and mobile apps development, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, testing, and support & maintenance. Being the best flutter developers in Bangalore, they understand your business challenges and deliver timely Flutter Android & iOS apps having attractive widgets, adequate security that helps you to create a unique brand identity.

They offer access to Flutter SDK for free to handcraft apps that help you to convert into higher ROI making your business stand out from the crowd. Their client base has been extended to countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, and India.

HunterTech Ventures

HunterTech Ventures is a leading flutter app development company in Bangalore. Founded in 2015, they offer customized, reliable, and timely services with innovative cutting-edge technologies to improve your business growth and revenue. They work with a mission to offer creative, personalized, and innovative solutions building a strong partnership with companies and start-ups. Their services include mobile app development, custom software development, consulting and outsourcing services, digital marketing services, etc. They develop customized flutter apps having appealing features, reactive UI framework, and enticing widgets. Their dedicated team has worked with remarkable customers like Wells Fargo, State Farm Insurance, Ally Financials, Allstate, Fidelity Investments & Moneygram, and many more.

IPIX Technologies

IPIX Technologies is a flutter development company in Bangalore, India offering services in cross-platform app development, flutter widget development, enterprise mobile solutions, and flutter app QA & testing services. They also offer software, web, e-commerce, and WordPress development services.

Their well-acquainted flutter app developers build high-quality apps for Android & iOS through a unique methodological approach having smoother UI, agility, access to original source code, hot reload, and affordable packages. They deliver unique flutter solutions and pre-built widgets according to the preference of the customers. Having more than 10 years of expertise, they have delivered 300+ successful projects across the globe. Moby Group, NI Jordan, GEMS Education, INNOVA, etc. are some of their clients.


Mindster is a flutter app development company developing Android & iOS apps with expressive UI, enticing features, smooth appearances, and high performance. Their flutter app development services include cross-platform apps, managing flutter based projects, support, and maintenance services. Having more than 10 years of experience, they have delivered 250+ projects with a vision to provide better lives solving everyday business challenges. They hold particular core values such as customer satisfaction, authenticity, and transparency. to deliver promising results.

The dedicated team offers readymade and on-demand solutions to various industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, grocery, food, logistics, etc. Along with mobile app development, they offer services in web/CMS development, e-commerce, web frameworks/ERP, and hire developers. Hubbit, Peekay Steels, Raya Financing, C3 Card, etc. are some of the apps they have developed.


GeekyAnts is a flutter development company in Bangalore creating amazing and functional apps based on customer’s requirements. The scalable team of developers keeps constant communication with the clients to build refined cost-effective solutions with impressive UI. They work with a perspective to transform ideas into a unique reality to make day to day lives better. They are huge contributors in the open-source community and host meet-ups, attend conferences and take every opportunity to grow with innovative technologies. BuilderX, NativeBase, Vue Native, React Native Seed, Flutter Market, etc. are some of their major works. The remarkable clients include Google, Essilor Group, Tellius, Pay Point, Twirl, Lamno, and many more.


The demand for flutter apps is increasing exponentially in the online market that the best flutter app development company can enhance your business and revenue. Choose the right flutter app development company that suits your unique requirements offering an authentic customer experience. If you are looking for flutter developers, Nextbrain Technologies is here to help you.




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