Chatbot is program designed to converse with another person. They are built for various purposes but their singular goal is to converse to help. They can provide weather forecast, act as customer care agent, can help in various activities, can be an online friend, and much more applications. They can be embedded in the web pages or can exist in the dedicated mobile applications. Chatbots are implemented by various IT giants in their applications. Even Facebook is using it in the Facebook messenger. In short we can say that Chatbot is a program with a brain.

The Chatbot is categorized in two way according to function of their brain. One is “dumb bot” and other one is “smart bot”. This differentiation is done on the basis of their functionalities. The dumb bots behaves on the basic of pre-defined rule. They do what they are instructed to do like a robot. They always act in a certain way and can’t think outside the box. These bots are simple and specialized in doing a particular task as for example bots that gives news feeds. While the smart ones are complex bots designed using advanced technology like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Named entity recognition etc . The awesome thing about smart bots is they learn during the conversation and behave according to situation. Examples of such bots are personal assistant bots or online chatting bots.

Future of chatbots

According to experts, in future chatbots can be used as alternative of apps or it can be better version of an app. For example we all have in-built calendar app in our smartphones and we use it check dates, set reminders etc. But isn’t cool, if one day we can talk with that app. Like we will ask a particular question and it will respond. With the help of Chatbot technology this simple app can turn into our virtual manager.

Another promising thing in Chatbot is their speed. Yes they are faster than your mobile application and your web-pages. Slow loading is frustrating thing but Chatbot is going to eliminate this problem. The better part is bots don’t consume your phone memory. Yes, it’s true. You can communicate with thousands of bots and still your phone memory will have lots of space for music, games and of course selfies.

Bots have simple and easy UI/UX. You can interact with thousands of bots using single interface. You don’t need to learn about different interfaces for different tasks. And apart from this Chatbots are intelligent and can be more useful to you than a simple app.

How it can be used in your business?

There are many problems that could be resolved better with chatbots rather than an application, For example Customer assistant. Customer assistant is generally done by applications or by human representatives. But in this situation chatbots can act as substitute for both application and human representative. For multi-user interactions, you could select chatbots over apps.

For an instant, suppose you are looking for a bot to implement it in your messenger like Facebook messenger and telegram bots. So take a look at what they can do in the application.

1. Receive all messages from private chat or group chat.

2. Can act as a group admin.

3. Can send status.

4. Can request user’s contacts, location and files.

5. Can reply to the message of all types.

6. Can edit own message.

So there are another several fields where chatbots can be implemented like weather forecast, application for kids, assistance applications, news feeds, In on-demand delivery applications and much more. And Chatbot will be more effective than traditional apps.

How to develop a Chatbot?

1. If you are a coder, you can easily develop it using several tools and technologies.

2. If you are a newbie, you can avail various services provided by different websites and organizations. They can help you to develop a full-fledged chatbots for different purposes.

So Chatbot is a new revolution in software development industry. Many big IT giants and startups have started providing Chatbot development services and have implemented in their own web pages and applications. In reminder, we want to say it again, chatbots can be implemented in various sectors and can be more useful and effective than traditional applications. We are here to help, who want to know more or looking for chatbots for their businesses. So simply write to us, and explore a new experience of technology with us.




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