Streamline operations of hospitality with dynamic people counting system

Get real-time footfall data that assists you in comprehending
visitor’sbehavior and streamline operations driving best results.

Top hospitality people counting solutions

At Nextbrain, people counters are highly efficient software gathering accurate footfall data in real time administering key insights into visitor behavior. People counters have quickly evolved as complex systems that are capable of generating large amounts of in-store data around customer behavior, store layout, staff performance, and marketing effectiveness. With technological advancements, it has become easier to gain customer behavior insights in boosting sales and revenue. The people counting system enables seamless in-depth website analytics and collection of customer data available to online retailers.

As the leading software development company, nextbrain creates a world-class people-counting system powered by artificial Intelligence technology. Major hospitality business owners are investing in advanced people counters to amplify the distinct approaches of hospitality business verticals. It can be integrated with the industry’s best people counter systems to deliver premium people counter sensor technology for hotels.

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Key features of the expert people counting system

Real-time footfall count & analytics

With smart image & video data processing algorithms, the people counting solution gathers customer footfall data from live feeds of cctv camera footage. The software comes with an object identification system for distinguishing between human & non-human objects.

Personalized guest experience

Nowadays, guests are highly drawn towards personalized brand interactions in the digital world. People counting solutions can assist hospitality businesses in offering personalized guest experiences by analyzing the searching behavior of customers and past purchase behavior.

Monitor guest dwell times

AI-driven people counting software has the potential to monitor customer dwell time metrics within the hotel premises. The management of guest dwell times can improve hotel marketing strategies.

Optimized guest management & workforce

The people-counting system can effectively manage crowds, room utilization, and guest occupancy. Additionally, it assists in informing staffing decisions to ensure that the guests have the best possible experience.

Diminish wait times and increase satisfaction

Right from check-ins to events, hotel guests can get exclusive hotel experience through efficient queue experiences. During check-ins, guests can avoid the long waiting queue and get their things done more easily.

Guest journey mapping

Guest journeys can be easily mapped through multiple touchpoints for comprehending guest’s preferences and behaviors. It enables the creation of the most compelling experiences.

Get heatmap analysis data

Modern AI-based people counting systems keep complete track of customer movement and actions in hotel premises in an intuitive way of heat mapping.

Centralized monitoring system

As a powerful tool, people counting solutions enable hoteliers to render a centralized monitoring system to monitor and view the analytical data of the system. Therefore, it increases the overall effectiveness of the system.

Why choose our AI-enabled people counting system?

Best-in-class solutions

Best-in-class solutions

We have expertise in creating premium quality AI-enabled people-counting solutions leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and tools.

Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance

Our expert individuals have many years of expertise in delivering premium support and maintenance solutions to clients at different stages of project management.

Streamlined operations

Streamlined operations

Optimize guest services depending on real-time data and minimize wait times with effective people counting solutions.

Competent collaboration

Hospitality AI Video Analytics Solution

Hospitality businesses have evinced the functionalities of AI-enabled video analytics solutions. Empower your business with strong surveillance, cutting-edge guest count and detailed report analytics with nextbrain.

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Why choose nextbrain for hospitality AI people counting system?

As the leading software development company, nextbrain provides effective AI-enabled people counting software solutions leveraging custom technologies and strategies. It focuses on assisting organizations to create improved solutions streamlining hospitality business prospects. our experts have several years of expertise and technical knowledge in delivering smart software solutions for different industries.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can people counting solutions improve guest experience?
    Foot traffic data can be analyzed to offer your guests enhanced experience. People counting software provides an accurate measurement for conversion rate, analyzing peak days of store, and easily plan staff scheduling after analyzing on and off hours. It provides real time monitoring and recognizes the areas that need improvement.
  • What are the advantages of people counting software?
    In retail stores, people counting systems have major functionalities. It administers you with correct traffic patterns, altering layouts of goods, and others. With the help of analyzing traffic data in real-time, retail operations can be maintained accordingly.
  • Does the people counting software track customers entering or exiting a location?
    Yes, the people counting software is capable of tracking customers entering and exiting the retail store premises.
  • Does the software include reports and analytics to track foot traffic patterns over time by hour, day, week, month or year?
    The people counting software comprises reports and analytics that are relevant for tracking foot traffic patterns as per given time.
  • Can the people counting system identify repeat customers and individual demographics like gender and age range?
    People counting software, when powered by AI video analytics technology can combine the feature to enable more in-depth analysis on the customer profiling such as gender, mood and age group.
  • What is the cost of people counting software?
    When it comes to the cost of people counting software, it depends upon the features and scale. We customize pricing options depending on requirements.
  • What is the primary functionality of a people counting system?
    People counting system is considered as the best technology that uses cameras, sensors and other ways to track the number of individuals entering & exiting a physical retail store. One of the primary functionalities is to administer businesses with data and insights into visitor traffic.
  • Why should hospitality businesses invest in people counting software?
    With technological advancements, businesses are turning their attention to security approaches collectively along with actionable insights. This can go hand in hand with people counting software. It helps hospitality businesses to make informed decisions by administering data on foot traffic patterns. It can improve overall guest experience, staffing, enhance security and maximize operational efficiency.
  • How does the software provide reports and analytics?
    The people counting software offers detailed reports and analytics after analyzing video data gathered from CCTV. It can analyze peak timings, foot traffic trends, conversions and generate reports significantly.

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