Sports Betting App Development Cost and Features

Betting is one of the age-old activities that had been there for ages. With the digitalization and changing patterns of the world, the world saw the first online betting in 1997. With Internet and technology soaring high, online betting has been gaining popularity over physical betting. Though betting is illegal in most Asian and European countries, it is quite popular in the American and African countries. In the modern days, betting is mainly carried out over the Internet, using technology. This age-old tradition just got a modern makeover, with mobile apps and smartphones, where the entire process is carried out using the mobile apps installed on their smartphones. So, if you are looking for the development of a sports betting app, these are some of the must-have features, that will help your betting app be a famous one like the apps bet 365.

The User or Customer App

The user panel must have the following features:

Login page

This is one of the landing pages, where the user starts with the app. First, the user needs to sign in, and then login with the validated credentials, in order to use the app.

Sports betting app development

Choosing a sport or player

When you are designing a betting app, it is important to provide a spectrum of sports and players, for the users to choose from, based on which sports tournament is going on. The list on the app should include names of all the players playing a particular match.

Live match watching

The betting app needs to provide a live game screening of the match, such that the users can watch the match and bet on the players.

Information about each player

Detailed information about each player, for various sports in various matches played by the player, needs to be listed. This helps the users to understand the previous performances of the players and bet on the present game.

Interacting with others

The app needs to offer facilities to chat with each other and communicate. Hence, a kind of messenger needs to be inbuilt in the app.

A betting guide

A betting guide is one of the essential features of this app. This helps the users with a guideline, that needs to be followed while betting in a match.

Choosing a model of betting

Various models of betting a game, such as check-raising, check or call needs to be chosen by the users, in order to bet on a player successfully. The app must offer these options.

sports betting app development company

Payment gateway

Integration of some of the popular payment gateways needs to be done, for online payment, as in all on-demand apps.

Final rank and position

This is created when the match is over and some users win or lose the bet.


Supporting multiple languages is essential in a betting app. This is because the betting of a match could be done by people all over the world. Hence, supporting multi-lingual features have a key role to play.

These are some of the essential features that a betting app should have. The estimation depends upon the features that you wish to integrate. The basic app is likely to cost around $30,000- $35,000 with the cost increases the more features being added.

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