major advancements in technology and cameras, it has become easier to add a bit of intelligence & smartness to cities. Living in a digital age, our innovative capabilities and technologies have contributed to turning cities into smart cities. This has improved the overall quality of living of residents and visitors. Smart video analytics is considered a powerful tool that processes and analyzes video data in order to understand and extract insights resulting in data-informed decisions. The unique technology is advancing the way we live and work creating an evolution of surveillance. Some of the most common use cases involve manufacturing, retail, transportation, and smart cities. Several advancements include Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time analytics. At Nextbrain, we are of the view that video analytics solutions are one of the many ways that are capable of improving the quality of life of its residents, visitors and businesses.

In this context, we are going to explore more how AI-enabled analytics have proved effective in driving the smart city revolution.

Video analytics effectively impacting the city

Video analytics effectively impacting the city

Security systems are rapidly evolving across the world making manual review and analysis more effective. Smart video analytics have automated the process and made video actionable. Advanced data analysis and video systems have assisted in different areas of security. It can facilitate the surveillance of passersby, motorists, vehicles, and many more. Advanced data analysis has major applications across different industries such as the healthcare & medical industry, educational institutions, retail, and many more. In healthcare sectors, it can help in monitoring people flow, safeguarding patients with active surveillance, and administering patients with improved medical experience.

In retail operations, AI-driven video analytics enables retail store owners the potential to view their clients and analyze customer shopping trends. It identifies prime locations for in-store product promotion. Whereas in manufacturing, smart video analytics can assist in recognizing areas for improved efficiency and operations. It improves overall cost and diminishes environmental impact.

On the other hand, in the transportation industry, smart video analytics can be utilized alongside cameras for assessing traffic safety, improving vehicle flow, increasing pedestrian safety, and eliminating congestion.

Video analytics solutions are not only meant to offer security but also aim to assist mobility by monitoring pedestrian count within a locality. The main objective is to predict the location and number of people inside the city. People counting systems can be installed to ensure smart city surveillance from all directions to assist the police in intervening effectively.

Transportation facilities inside a subway have faced major difficulties in managing crowds at a time. It became important to generate actionable insights from CCTV video data. With the help of integrating AI video analytics surveillance software, subway authorities can keep track of the overall people count within the platform at a specific time. Similarly, video surveillance solutions can assist in traffic management by diminishing congestion and managing queues in the transport system by improving the layout of cycle paths.

Challenges involved in city surveillance