Are you venturing into a recent plan for designing your next mobile app project? Then you can consider Kotlin for Android app development. Android development is one of the most relevant trends that are emerging in the app development arena. In recent times, Android apps are becoming popular across different nations. Android app developers consider this advanced programming language for developing both web and mobile applications. Android application designers are completely dependent on Kotlin Android development solutions as a result of its brief and less viable. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) module allows developers to empower different features. In this blog, we are going to discuss ways of rejuvenating the next mobile app project with Kotlin.

Introduction to kotlin programming language

At the time of selecting an open-source and easy-to-read programming language, Android developers are highly inclined towards Kotlin. Kotlin offers the process of app development secure, fast and safe coding that is highly compatible with other programming languages and seamless integration into the Android platform. The following blog post will elaborate on the way Kotlin can assist in integrating a seamless platform for Android app development. While discussing creating your next-gen application, it is important to acknowledge the advantages and purposes resolved by Kotlin.

Advantages of kotlin for android app development

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Kotlin was released by JetBrains in 2016 and the main motto behind making it a language is developers feel it is a flexible platform for Android app development. In this context, we have delineated the different benefits and purposes of Kotlin programming language.

  • Kotlin can be compiled with Javascript and proves highly effective for frontend development.
  • Kotlin can be put together with JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for making this open-source language available for all areas. This can be utilized for the backend process also.
  • Kotlin has the capability to support multi-programming, significantly reducing the time writing codes as well as maintaining similar syntax for different platforms.
  • Kotlin is highly used for performing effective web development and server-side development processes.
  • With the help of Kotlin, one can build the user interface of an application without any limitations. In this way, the behavior, appearance and performance of apps stay native. The native user interface provides a brilliant user experience to users.

Reasons why kotlin is fast-growing among developers

Kotlin libraries help developers in a variety of ways. Kotlin core libraries have made the language feature-rich and compact. It comprises concise syntax, data classes, security from null references, Android extensions, and scope functions. The dual-core libraries of Kotlin are Kotlin.test library and standard library making it easier for developers to build Android applications with Kotlin libraries.

Why is kotlin a favorable language for android app development?

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Easier to set up

Subsequent to the launch of the recent rendition of Android Studio, as it supports Kotlin, the app development process is becoming easy for developers. No extra plugin is required to add Kotlin to the Android app development project.

Open-source programming language

As an open-source platform, the source code can be customized based on the individual application requirements. One can explore and constantly observe the way Kotlin works which assists in finding and fixing bugs in the programming code.

High compatibility with java

The complete interoperability of Kotlin with Java is capable of making the cross-platform app development process simpler than ever. By means of utilizing language codes simultaneously and even transforming from one code to another in the same project can be possible. This can be achieved by adding essential frameworks and extra tools to run the Java and Kotlin code.

Makes learning easier for developers

One of the most important reasons for favoring Kotlin for Android app development is that a developer gets the opportunity to learn the language, comprehend the code and write syntaxes that are easy for developers. Hire Kotlin developers from Nextbrain for getting excellent Android app development solutions. The developers have many years of knowledge in curating the best product for clients.

Reduces overall coding

Nowadays, the process of developing software that requires extended and repetitive codes has become odd. As an open-source code, Kotlin comes with streamlined and short codes significantly reducing the overall code structure. This, in turn, boosts the implementation process.

Effective ide support

Kotlin provides proper support for a rapid-developing global community. It comprises a broad spectrum of community libraries that can be easily connected within reach.

High security

Kotlin has a high potential to reduce the possibility of system crashes and failures. An Android application when developed with Kotlin not only makes your application secure but also offers ample support from authorized resources.

Efficient cast function

The significant need for the cast function is to identify the kind of capacity Kotlin can hold and play out activities that are coded for a specific sort on the code proficiency.

Kotlin has been exclusively developed keeping in mind the industry and enterprise requirements. It comes with functional features for enterprise app development and this makes Kotlin a perfect fit for real-world and practical development solutions.

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Future of kotlin

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Kotlin is considered the fastest-growing programming language and therefore switching to Kotlin for the purpose of Android app development is the best idea. This is because it eases developers challenges with flexibility, precision and safety. Kotlin is the most used programming language preferred by developers all around the globe for cross-platform app development frameworks.


Cost efficiency is a significant prospect for its growing popularity. The app development process with the help of Kotlin is faster and more efficient, significantly diminishing maintenance costs.


Kotlin has easily comprehensible and streamlined syntax helping developers to spend reduced time writing codes. This gives developers the opportunity to complete tasks within less time. In this way, a high-end app can be developed in a seamless way.


As an effective programming language for Android app development, Kotlin comes with IDE support and offers efficient app development. With time, more developers are getting inclined towards preferring Kotlin for Android app development. The framework is highly created to cater to the requisites of developers, fitting developers requirements, Kotlin Android extensions and concentrating on Android development.

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Final considerations

Multiple reasons are responsible for why small, large and enterprises are adopting the open-source programming language, Kotlin globally. As a leading Kotlin app development company, Nextbrain offers full-stack Android app development solutions to enterprises, startups and businesses. With high-end technologies and modern strategies, we strive to offer end-to-end products and premium quality solutions. Connect with Kotlin developers at Nextbrain to create best-in-class Android apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What renditions of android support kotlin?

Kotlin is an open-source programming language that is compatible with JDK 6 so that applications with Kotlin can run on several Android versions.

What are the benefits of using kotlin programming language for android apps?

There are multiple benefits of the Kotlin programming language which makes it popular among Android developers. In this context, we are delineating the advantages such as Kotlin can be arranged to JVM (Java Virtual Machine) bytecode or Javascript making it important for Android development. Kotlin is highly designed to use all current Java structures and libraries. It is quite easy to change from Java to Kotlin.

What are the usefulness of kotlin for android app development?

It comprises different elements that Java does not have and make the best language for fostering Android apps. The features comprises unchecked special cases, null security, savvy projects, property access, and sluggish loading which make it easier for Android developers to work with Kotlin.

Can I add kotlin to my existing project?

Yes, our Android developers help in converting your existing project to Kotlin. We have experienced resources for converting your project to Kotlin for Android apps.

Why is it important to choose kotlin for developing the android app platform?

When it comes to structure, Kotlin is quite similar to Java owing to its object-oriented nature. Kotlin has effective features, lucid syntax, well-designed ideas and many more. Kotlin has easy migration, reliable, concise, lessens errors in code, helps in advancing development tasks, and so forth. This makes Kotlin easier to work with among developers.




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