During the last few years, Google has seen remarkable significance and craze for Kotlin by Android developers and professionals. Java Virtual Machine basically runs the statistically typed language. Kotlin has played a major role in Android application development. As per the latest report by Github, it has been seen that Kotlin projects are globally rising. Many Android app developers have never officially supported Kotlin as they noted it as difficult to use. However, the present scenario is something different. Nowadays, startups, businesses and enterprises are evolving at a rapid rate.

With the various advancement in technology, industries, businesses and startups are trying to keep pace with the rapid digitalization so as to stand ahead of the competition. Several unicorns are relying on advanced technology that brings in an inexplicable need for app development platforms. In this blog, readers can see a shift from Java to Kotlin which marked a noticeable change during the last few years. The context will offer ample insights into the ways Android development has shifted from Java, a popular programming language for Android application development, to Kotlin.

Kotlin & android development

Kotlin has been completely acclaimed as the nearest future for Android Kotlin app development. As a result of its modern and fast-moving language, Kotlin has come up as the ideal language for Android development projects subsequent to Google’s declaration of support in 2017.

Several benefits of kotlin

Lets take a look at the fundamental benefits of Kotlin for Android Developers. It includes a fast learning curve, benefits of open source and complete compatibility with Java.

Difference between kotlin & java

Complete java interoperability

As Kotlin is completely compatible with Java, one can use all Android libraries, data binding and annotation processing in an app. The Android developer who has existing knowledge of Java can easily learn Kotlin and gets to work on Android app development projects.

Kotlin and Java

Data classes

As the Java world is teeming with boilerplate code for data classes, one can skip the code and get beneficial information relating to setters and getters. Kotlin enables the effective creation of POJO with getters, setters and equals.

Null security

As the majority of the Java code written by developers is defensive, it is relevant to ensure that the codes are not null. Kotlin offers a null-safe experience to developers using the safe call operator.

Extension functions

One can add new functions and properties to class and therefore, it is convenient to read the general utility classes in projects.

Reasons behind unicorns selecting kotlin for android development

In this context, we will take a look at the different reasons that pose responsible for selecting Kotlin for Android app development. After reading this article, readers can have a complete idea of the different features of Kotlin that made it popular among developers and the Android development industry.

Developing server side app with ease

Server-side development becomes feasible as it integrates with JVM (Java Virtual Machine). This language is most suitable for developing Android apps. It strongly supports frameworks such as KotlinX.html and Ktor.Spring. It enables server-side app scalability to numerous clients having minimal hardware needs. Server-side Kotlin can be easily installed on any host that enables Java Web Applications.

Coding faster

Developers working with Java can face difficulties as it requires every line to be coded. Kotlin is such a programming language that saves effort and time enabling the developer to comprehend code. Kotlin comprises different features such as handling data classes, properties, and type interfaces which, in turn, offer readability and simplicity. In this way, Kotlin offers minor bugs and fewer errors. Developers are capable of solving similar issues with fewer crashes and bugs.

Integrated development environment

IDEs or Integrated Development Environments are software apps that administer an all-inclusive platform for developers to develop software. As the top Kotlin app development company, Nextbrain administers the best quality and widely used IDEs all over the globe. Kotlin works with Android studio's IDE features.

Open source

Our Kotlin developers utilize an open-source format which is considered a great way for supporting core Kotlin products and assisting in dedicated Kotlin development.

Increased safety features

The security of Kotlin is dependent on different advantages. Primarily, the experienced developers integrated the principles that prevent common errors at the time of program execution. Additionally, the chances of mistakes diminish as the same tasks can be completed in a shorter time. As Kotlin makes the coding process simpler, it also becomes easier to identify errors.

Strong community base

Having a talented and skilled team of working professionals, Nextbrain developers always strive to evolve constantly and convert portions of their product to make it functional and beneficial. The services are constantly evolving and improving, holding hands with skilled developers who have many years of experience in creating top Kotlin Android app platforms.

Final considerations

In the Android app development solutions, Kotlin has varied functionalities. The advantages comprise optimal use of separate interfaces to read-only and modified collections, primary constructors, fetching type inferences and string templates. The language is developer friendly and administers programmers with simplicity and convenience. Kotlin for unicorn apps is most advantageous. It is technologically changing the development industry with its functionalities. Looking to create an Android app for your next project? Nextbrain is the leading Kotlin development company that has many years of Android app development expertise and offers robust app platforms for businesses. The developers have hands-on knowledge about Kotlin and its features. In order to know more about Kotlin app development, connect with our professionals.




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