The emergence of electric vehicles is the most remarkable initiative in making our environment much cleaner and greener as well. With the continuous evolution in the automotive sector, the Electric Vehicle (EV) market is experiencing a great development from the past decade. The growing demand for a clean and green environment has increased the need of developing EV charging station finder apps. This app will provide info like the various kinds of plugs that are supported by the station. Also, these apps will enable users in discovering and adding EV charging stations. Also, they will enable notifications that notify them if a charging station is nearer.

Main features of an EV charging station finder app

features of EV charging station

By using this app, users will obtain access to the images, real-time availability, descriptions, and ratings of the charging stations. Let’s discuss the main features to be considered of an EV charging station finder app.

Registration/ Sign up

All the new users require to sign up using their phone number, password, and email id to make effective utilisation of an app. You need to register using your social media accounts such as Gmail or Facebook.

User profile creation

Users may also have the option of editing their profiles and making any new changes to their account in less time. They can even add their vehicle number, profile images, model along with their name.

Nearby EV charging stations

When the users enter any location, the EV charging app can easily detect it as well as display the charging stations that are nearer. It will help in saving users time as well as effort in searching for this kind of service.

EV charging station


An app needs access to the real-time locations of the smartphones of the users’ in order to display any charging stations nearby. If you are looking to search manually for any charging stations in your area, you need to enter the place as well as check any options that are available.


You may also utilize the advanced filter options in order to search anything based on what you have entered. You may even apply various filters while you search for an EV charging station in order to notice exemplary service. It will greatly save your time.

Station details

An Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station locator application will display appropriate information about each and every particular station and also the type of service it facilitates.

Charging slot booking

By using an EV charging station locator application, users can easily and efficiently book any time slot required in order to charge their cars beforehand.

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Multiple payment modes

You can easily integrate any payment gateway based on your location or the country. You may offer your users the access to choose from various payment options in your EV charging app. These methods will assist them to pay as per their need and convenience. For example, you need to integrate to pay using UPI, eWallets, PayPal, a credit card or debit card, etc.

User’s feedback

Once the electric vehicle has been charged, you need to rate based on your experience and offer ratings for the charging station. It is the most important feature for any brand as it assists in enhancing the quality of service as well as various other aspects of the charging station and also its service provider.

Billing history

Users may easily check any of their billing history, the power that has been consumed, as well as the cost that is required to spend weekly, daily, and monthly. This billing history feature enables to track any bookings including the energy consumed as well as the payment that is made by the users.

Push notification

An EV charging app will send alerts or notifications in order to update users about the charging stations that are nearer to the location and provide reminders about the new arrival deals, upcoming bookings, etc.

AI-powered chatbot

AI-powered chatbots will respond efficiently in order to answer and support users’ queries whenever required. Also, they need to transfer the questions that are unanswerable to the team which is capable of handling these things.

EV Journey planner

Whenever users plan a trip, usually a long-distance, then they are required to acknowledge their vehicles at various positions. You need to integrate a feature called trip planner in order to make all the things possible for the users. This feature offers the access to the destination and starting circumstances of their journey.

In-app navigation

It functions through GPS and utilizes a maps API such as Google Maps. This feature will allow users to notice EV charging stations in real-time on the map. Also, it provides proper directions for the charging points.

Reward points

Daily usage of an EV charging app provides users with certain reward points in the form of discount vouchers, promotional coupons, free one-month membership, and a lot more. These rewards will assist you in creating loyalty among your users and grab more attention from the users to your app.


By using an electric vehicle (EV) charging station finder app it is possible to find the charging stations that are nearby to the location of users. Nextbrain Technologies is the best app development company with a team of experienced developers specialized in developing custom and unique EV charging station finder apps based on your specific needs of business.




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