Tenant rent collection and property management software is an ultimate platform for managing all your properties and collecting rent from your tenants efficiently and quickly. This software is coming up with many advanced features and functionalities that enables property managers, landlords, and real estate companies to manage all their properties easily and communicate with their tenants. By using this software, you can send notifications and alerts to tenants regarding the due date of rents and automate invoices as well as receipt generation. You can also get clear insights and detailed analysis of all the reports in real-time which enables you to make well-informed decisions.

How does Tenant rent collection software work for Tenant?

Tenant rent collection software enables users to make rent payments quickly and efficiently. It also reminds tenants about their payment dates and helps them to make secure payments.

Get notifications

Tenants will receive notifications via email, SMS, etc. for due payments. They will be notified through alert messages and provided a secure and robust payment link whenever there is a due date for payment.

Secure payments

It is easy for the tenants to select how, from where, and when to make payments. Tenants may select to make secure payments online by making use of a credit card, debit card, or even deposit payments using various payment options available.

Easy communication

Tenants have an option to send various requests directly to the landlord. Tenants may also communicate with landlords for report problems, maintenance requests, as well as interact with their landlords through messages directly by making use of the direct messaging center of the Tenant rent collection software.

Track your payment receipts

Tenant rent collection software also facilitates keeping track of all the payment receipts and messages. It is very simple for the tenants to check the status of all the messages and requests. Tenants can also track their pending payments, any dues, previous receipts, and many more from the dashboard.

How does Property management software work for Landlord / Property manager / Real-estate companies?

Property management software

Property management software is an ultimate platform where individual landlords, property managers, and real estate companies can add all their properties, schedule invoices, access and interact with all your tenants, and get detailed insights and clear analysis of all the reports.

Add your properties

Landlords can easily add all their tenants and properties efficiently. Even if you have more or less property, it is always possible to add an unlimited number of tenants as well as properties to the property management software.

Schedule invoices

It is also possible to schedule, auto send, and customize invoices. Automating your payment collections by having reminders, scheduling invoices, generating payment receipts to all your tenants is quite simple using this software. You can completely automate all your tasks either daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly.

Easily access your tenants

With this robust software, you can easily access all the leases and all your tenants at a single place. Landlords can also interact directly with the tenants, get maintenance requests, and block or activate leases from anywhere.

Track performance

Landlords can unlock insights and easily track the overall performance. As all the data is in a single place, it is very simple to view reports, unlock insights, get a clear idea of trends, and more about your properties and tenants.

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Features of property management software

features of property management software

Property management software comes with unique and robust features that enables you to manage and track all your properties in real-time.

Hassle-free payment options

You can minimize lost or stolen cash by accepting all the payments online. It is also possible to accompany various bank accounts for almost every property. Also, multiple payment methods are available like debit card, credit card, and more.

Quick tracking

Property management software enables you in tracking the status of property collections as well as your tenants efficiently in the real time.

Multiple users

You can add many users and also assign various kinds of roles to each and every user based on your requirement.


It is possible to set auto-reminders to almost all types of payment and make effective communication with your tenants via the message center.

Manage and automate

By using Property Management software, you can easily monitor expiry and lease period. It also enables efficient auto reconcile payments.

Receipts and invoices

You can create many invoice types including gas, electricity, service charges, and many more. It is possible for automating invoices as well as receipt generation.

Maintenance and support

It is also possible to track and manage various requests using the maintenance tracking system. You can also get the customer support services all the time.

Reports and insights

Automatically generate reports for tracking property value, unit vacancies, property value, and many more. You can come up with informed decisions depending on real values. Make clear analysis of your data by utilizing various dashboard views.

Benefits of Tenant rent collection and property management software

Rent collection software

Tenant rent collection and Property management software property enables simple rent payments and offers advanced tools and insights to interact with your tenants and enhance your overall revenue.

Secure and quick collection

By using Tenant rent collection and Property management software, you can collect rent efficiently online and also set up auto-reminders for tenants regarding payments.

Efficient property management

You can manage all your properties efficiently and easily by making use of scalable and robust Tenant rent collection and Property management software.

Smarter reports and insights

This software also enables you to obtain comprehensive reports and detailed insights about all your properties and tenants so that you can make informed decisions.


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