Driving school management software is developed for a driving school institute to help driving instructors, students, and other staff. Using this driving school management software, you can easily manage the whole operations of a driving school, manage your fleet of cars, manage student information, add driving classes, schedule lessons, and generate invoices automatically. Students can check the availability of classes and attend them based on their preferences. The software can be easily accessed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone at any time. The driving school management software offers a plethora of enticing features and functionalities that are user-friendly, robust, easy-to-navigate, and provide a good customer experience. The features include a drag-and-drop interface that helps in the quick rescheduling of sessions, online enrolment capabilities, online payment system, class tracking features, etc. Let’s analyze the features that have to be incorporated while building driving school management software.

Driving school management software

Easy scheduling and rescheduling

The driving school management software offers easy lesson scheduling through the drag-and-drop facility. Students can view the daily and weekly schedules for each instructor and can check their availability easily. All the schedules of the instructors can be viewed on a single screen. The driving school management software also helps in online booking and rescheduling of lessons. They can book or reschedule classes by simply dragging from one staff to another. The software prevents double-booking of vehicles or staff since all the schedules of the staff is visible on the screen. The driving school management software can send reminders of classes via messages or emails.

Student information at a single platform

The driving school management software allows you to create a custom student account where the contact information and other details can be given. All information will be recorded safe and secure that can be tracked at any time. The details such as contact information, permit and license details, billings, notes, documents, etc. can be stored and accessed at a single platform that makes it more user-friendly.

Easy vehicle management

Driving school management software helps in easy managing of the car fleet efficiently. You manage fuel logs, tasks of each staff, give instructions to the students and view the student forms easily. You can track vehicles for compliance and cost control, and check fleet safety and security.

Ease down administrative tasks

One of the major highlights of the driving school management software is that the administrative tasks can be coordinated and executed well. There are many scheduling time-savers that help in easy lesson scheduling. The vehicle manager add-on features rapidly and efficiently record the vehicle details and assign classes efficiently. The bulk quantity of data can be easily imported without any hassles. The vehicle availability and any vacancy in classes will be shown clearly on the vehicle calendar which is highly beneficial for the students.

Flexible Invoicing

The driving school management software helps in generating single or multiple invoices for student’s lessons. Typing all the payment details by checking a number of applications and documents takes a lot of time and is inefficient. The driving school management software removes such hassles and errors associated with the manual entry. Invoices can be automatically created as per the number of lessons they are attending. You can add special features like discounts, and special offer codes that get automatically updated in the invoice. The driving school management software allows customization of the workflow and customized invoices help in extending the brand identity by adding a company logo, and other details. The ‘flagged invoice feature’ is clearly highlighted that any changes to the affected lessons can be easily spotted by staff and administrators. The bulk invoice feature helps to select as many invoices at a time and the payments can be processed. The review option shows the details of any declined transactions.

Records and Analytics

The driving school management software helps to maintain detailed reports of the students, and staff so that data can be updated and accessed anytime. You can search, sort, and analyze data to understand the progress of the institute. Multiple massive data can be recorded based on student and staff details, lesson status, and new students. The custom-made reports help to know revenue, the total number of invoices, analyze lesson hours, etc. The business results will be displayed on the screen in a graphical format that helps in good decision making. The driving school management software streamlines the registration process and all data is stored in the software. Students will receive a notification when the registration is completed.

Easy integrations and add-ons

The driving school management software allows easy integration with other applications such as Microsoft Excel, Zapier, Google map, etc., and software that makes it more flexible to meet your unique requirements. The major features can expand by enabling add-ons.

Attendance tracking

From the lessons menu of the driving school management software, students can click on their preferred lessons. Then click on the start lessons icon to attend the lessons. Those who have entered the classes will be automatically marked as present. The attendance menu shows the complete attendance of each lesson you have attended. The filter option helps to view the preferred data easily. The driving school management software also helps to get a comprehensive attendance report of the class.

Efficient and easy communication

Communication is very important between students, driving instructors, and other staff in a driving institute. To bridge the communication gap, and to transfer information efficiently, driving school management software leads a great role. The driving school management software enables a personal online account for each student where they can check their personal details, attendance, etc. Customized automatic email reminders can be sent to students to reduce the number of absences. Students can contact the driving instructors via the driving school management app. Timely customized messages and alerts can be sent to students to remind them about upcoming classes. You can send emails to students individually or as a group.

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Efficient driving school management software optimizes all the operations of the driving institute and manages all the critical functions and challenges. It manages class scheduling, tracks students and offers flexible and user-friendly features. Nextbrain Technologies is the best website design and development company in Bangalore offering unique websites with enticing features and functionalities for your driving institute.




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