Telecom industry all over the world is exploring the Power BI solutions in order to gain competitive advantage. The main solutions for which many telecom businesses are looking include customer retention, customer relationship management, target marketing, campaign management, network business intelligence, user experience, etc. to streamline all their business operations. By having a customized Power BI solution, it is easy to streamline the business operations, monitor all the customer support functions on a real-time basis, and fix any issue quickly. Power BI is very helpful for the telecom industry as the telecom operators will get clear data through effective visuals and interactive dashboards.

Importance of Power BI for Telecom Industry

Power BI helps in resolving many issues of the telecom companies by providing clear insights and quick solutions to their problems. Let's discuss the main advantages of Power BI for the Telecom industry.

Better visibility of network issues

power bi visibility

As more subscribers use the telecom services and watch high-quality videos at the non-peak and peak hours there can be service interruptions. Power BI for the telecommunication industry is important as it provides clear data of all the network problems and complete information of the service interruptions. It greatly helps the telecom businesses to take care of those problems and strengthen those areas. With a high usage of the 5G network in a few countries, there is a great increase in the importance of Power BI tools for telecommunication to view any issues in their network clearly. There are many Power BI consulting firms which help telecom businesses in converting their whole data into a comprehensive and simple dashboard which helps them to make decisions faster.

Personalized customer care plans

Most of the customers expect high quality and uninterrupted services. A failure of uninterrupted services especially in the telecom industry leads to the dissatisfaction of the customers. Customers may raise a complaint about these kinds of services which need to be resolved quickly as customers will not appreciate much wait times. To resolve this, business intelligence in the telecommunication industry is providing telecom businesses to utilize their wealth of information to make informed decisions. With a custom Power BI solution, you can easily streamline all the business operations, manage all the customer support functions and resolve any issue quickly and easily. With Power BI and data visualization, huge information can be presented very clearly. Power BI for the telecom industry even helps customer care executives to find the most common complaints from the customers and resolve them immediately.

Clear understanding of subscriber base

power bi subscriber

To have a strong subscriber base will be a great advantage, but without a proper platform for understanding customers, chances of cross/upselling, personalized services for customers will be lost which can be a great drawback for the growth of telecom business. Business intelligence solutions in the telecom industry may help to monitor anything clearly from insights of subscription by subscription to growth rates of subscribers by zip code or country wise trends on a long term basis while gathering the data.

IoT data monetization

IoT has become a great priority for most of the telecom operators. It is estimated that the total number of active IoT devices exceeds 25.4 billion by the year 2030. Many other opportunities like training the workforce, connected vehicle fleets, etc. deal with mobile streaming. This has given rise to a lot of IoT subscriptions for the telecom providers for managing and collecting more data. Most of the telecom businesses make great use of IoT subscriptions, as a huge amount of information which they collected should be easy to access on time. Due to the captivating data visualizations, most of the telecom providers have clear insights of all the data which makes their business grow rapidly.

Customer experience strategy

power bi customer strategy

The main challenge for any telecom provider is to create an effective strategy and business model from the perspective of the customer. This may result in various services-oriented systems which may efficiently manage all the day-to-day processes. Also, any additional systems will be required to augment capabilities made by these telecom operation systems with all the capabilities for delivering business management and business intelligence.

Strategic decision support

It is a crucial factor of Power BI as it offers the telecom provider with many assets including network infrastructure, customer experience, customer care, services, employees, billing, and many more. Typically the performance estimation includes availability, profitability, sales, usage, lifetime value, etc. Now the organizations can easily track all the performance measurements, monitor customer segments, make a separate segment for each customer and optimize the strategies of the campaign.


Power BI is very useful for the telecom industry as by using Power BI and data visualization, a large amount of data can be presented clearly. It also helps in quick and strategic decision making and streamlining your business operations. Are you a professional Power BI development services for your business? Nextbrain Technologies is the top web and mobile app development company in Bangalore with a team of highly skilled Power BI developers providing world-class Power BI development services to enhance your business productivity.




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