Concept of Fantasy Sports APP

Fantasy sports are various types of games played online virtually, offering the look and feel of reality. The performances of the players are reflected across the globe in real time and it is often played in teams that are distributed worldwide. The concept of fantasy games has changed the entire concept of gaming.  

A new dimension is added to the gaming industry with the Fantasy sports app coming into the market and becoming popular in no time, leaving behind the popular games that were previously trending. This kind of sports has literally fuelled up the sports industry and opened a new horizon of opportunities for mobile app and game development companies to give their dreams a platform for reality.

 Fantasy Sports App


Facts about Fantasy Sports App

It works with virtual reality

Players get the real look and feel of real games

The business model is 100% legal

It is safe and legal to play

Players can connect to other players globally

The popularity has been increasing faster than expected

These sports are addictive and people can earn money while playing these games.


What is Dream11 Mobile app?

It is a cricket betting and fantasy sports app that helps users to play games with team members all around the world, along with winning a good amount of money by betting on various ongoing games under popular cricket tournaments like IPL, ODI and T20 matches.

Benefits of developing Dream11 like App

Benifits of dream 11 like app

Never ending events

The scope of apps like Dream11 is very high, due to the number of cricket competitions in India. Users can bet in various games played under popular tournaments such as IPL, Test cricket, and ODI matches and earn a good amount of money.

Low competition in the app development market 

Fantasy sports app like Dream 11 is new in the app development market. The competition is low and hence mobile app development companies focussing on these apps can find themselves in a low competitive market.

Popular and legal

The fantasy sports app are increasing in popularity day by day. Hence, app developers have a good market for investment and development of such apps. Unlike what many people think, these apps are legal and hence app developers can consider investing the Dream11 like app development.

Features of Fantasy sports App like Dream 11

Features of Dream 11 app


Users have to download the app and get themselves registered. Sports lovers can use referral codes from friends to download the app, thus offering friends loyalty points.


The users can get detailed information such as new offers, games, bonus, and game related other details in this section.

Player’s Stats

Statistics of the players such as the points accumulated, the number of games played as well as the performance details are stored in this section. This helps other players to select the team during a tournament.

Selection of tournaments

Users can select the particular tournaments they want to participate in and play.

Joining tournaments

Users can select the tournaments and join. They can create virtual teams also.

Creating teams

Users can create their own team by selecting the members based on the performance of the players, the number of games they played, their skills, credit points and so on. Once the teams are created, the captain and vice-captain can also be chosen and they have more points than other players.

Fantasy Sports App development Cost

The app development cost for Dream 11 like app ranges from $10k to $50K or more. The cost depends on the features as well as the platform of development. If the app is developed in iOS the cost will be compared to its Android counterpart. Moreover, if the app includes only the basic features, the cost will be less compared to the one with advanced features.

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Apps like Dream11 are trending in the market now and has a high prospect. App development companies can consider the development of such an app and grab the huge customer base of fantasy sports lovers.

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