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The app Naagali, developed by Nextbrain Technologies is a small, yet significant initiative for the farmers of AP and Telangana. The app offers an online marketplace for the farmers, where they can communicate with other farmers, sell their commodities, start agricultural conversation and post advertisements for selling or buying cattle or agricultural equipment, without the intervention of the brokers or middle man.

This helps them with the latest and updated price of the groceries, vegetables, livestock as well as farming tools, along with helping them communicate with people with similar trade. Latest news and updates related to agriculture also reaches the farmers early, with this app. It has simple and easily navigable options and screens, that help farmers to use the app, without being much tech savvy.

Features of Naagali

Features of Nagali app


The essential features offered by Naagali are as follows:

Login and signup

The users have to create a valid user id and login to the account to start using the app. While signing in, the users have to select their areas of interest such as farming and agriculture, cattle trading, workforce management and proceed, in order to continue getting a notification in that specific area.

Ad list and Ad details

The farmers can use this app for buying and selling various commodities such as livestock, farming equipment and tools, crops and so on. The farmers can communicate with each other over the app, thus helping each other in better business.

The users can also compare the price of a specific commodity being sold by various sellers, thus choosing the best deals. Moreover, the buying and selling are done directly between the farmers, thus eliminating the brokers or middleman, ensuring profit of the farmers.

Category Selection

The users can select category and sub-categories, such as commodities, cattle, field force, equipment, as well as sub-categories to get specific notifications related to the category.

Create a new post

Based on whether the farmers want to sell or buy, they can create new posts for selling or buying, by mentioning the details, such as the type, address, quantity, price per unit, description, and images.


Benefits of Naagali

Benifits of Nagali app


Naagali offers the following benefits to the farmers of AP and Telangana:

 1. Offers a platform and marketplace for the farmers

2. Farmers can communicate with each other and get regular agricultural updates

3. Buying and selling of commodities, equipment, & cattle becomes easy without the intervention of brokers

4. Farmers can create posts for selling and buying, making business easier

5. Traditional farming and agricultural activities get technology support

6. Farmers are able to get essential news and updates such as weather conditions, types of fertilizers to be used, kind of seeds to be sowed for best agricultural products.

7. The app is helpful for the farmers and prevents their hard work to go in vain, due to lack of knowledge, forecast, and technology.


Client Says about Our Work in Naagali



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Naagali indeed is a life changing app offered by Nextbrain Technologies, for the farmers and all people who earn their livelihood with farming, live stocks, and agriculture.


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