Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic of discussion in various industrial verticals. It has extended its wings across various countries and across different business sectors. Similarly, hospitals are also harnessing the potential of AI to improve their overall safety facility and security. AI video recognition is capable of automatically analyzing stored or real-time video for identifying a broad spectrum of objects and conditions.

In this blog post, we will focus on several aspects of how AI video can improve hospital safety and security.

AI video analytics in healthcare

AI Video Analytics in Healthcare

AI vision, also known as AI video analytics, benefits the hospital and healthcare verticals in many ways. It has the power to enhance hospital safety, and security, track assets & perform management duties, monitor external matters, monitor patient behavior, automate access control, and many more. These actions can be managed by HIPAA compliance which, in turn, also safeguards personal privacy. In this context, we are going to learn about the various ways in which AI Security Video Analytics Softwarecan improve the security measures of hospital operations and lead to a secure medical environment.

Strong vigilance on visitors

The AI-enabled video analytics system assists in monitoring hospitals and healthcare centres in many ways. Right from automating access control systems using facial recognition and license plate recognition, monitoring/tracking distance objects to granting access to restricted areas, sending alerts on limited area access, and integrating with thermal cameras for contactless temperature screening. As the top facial recognition software created by Nextbrain developers, it can be utilized to flag and track employees for screening purposes. This system is integrated with the feature of thermal screening which can even alert on the presence and absence of face masks and other surgical gear.

Active detection of intrusion

Several hospitals are equipped with security monitors and cameras. It becomes challenging to manually monitor and detect any kind of intrusion to read several monitors for a given length of time. AI video analytics offers accurate real-time video analysis and actively alerts on different signs of intrusion within seconds at the time of improving accuracy and diminishing chances of false alerts.

Complete assistance with insulin delivery

When it comes to hospitals and healthcare verticals, AI video analytics is capable of monitoring the various concerns relating to patients. It ensures that the patients are getting their meals and medicines on time. It can track if medicines, insulin and saline are given on time and track the patients’ conditions.

Patient monitoring