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Today 97% of the people in the world search online to find local products and services. Even 75% of people prefer paid ads as through paid ads it is easy to find the online products they are searching for. Also 63% of people searching online click on the paid ads.

Cost-effective PPC services to increase website traffic more quickly

Today 97% of the people in the world search online to find local products and services. Even 75% of people prefer paid ads as through paid ads it is easy to find the online products they are searching for. Also 63% of people searching online click on the paid ads. As a top Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising company in Bangalore, we help to enhance your digital presence through Pay Per Click campaigns, Bing Adwords, Google Adwords, etc. By using PPC services, you can get quick results and a huge website traffic. Being a leading PPC company in Bangalore, we track and modify the performance of your campaign’s including message, keywords, the money spent per click. Contact us to get the best PPC services in Bangalore!

Our PPC Services

As a top PPC company in Bangalore, India, we offer world-class PPC services in all industry domains to the clients globally.

Search engine marketing

We offer SEM services which include SEO, SMM, and PPC ad campaigns. We follow a strategic approach in which SEM can obtain leads quickly for your business. We offer high-quality PPC services that improve your website visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Search Ads

Search Ads are important as customers will always search for products on google. As a leading PPC advertising agency in Bangalore, we offer Search ad services that help you to realise when the end-users search for your service or product through their mobile or desktop computer.

Display Ads

We design display ads which convey the perfect message across the target audience. Our PPC experts offer display Ad services including text, banner, and video ads. Our display ads target particular categories, regular website visitors, demographics, and the important keywords.

Remarketing Ads

Our remarketing ad campaigns exactly suit your company branding and assist you in delivering a smooth and real advertising experience to the target audience. Our campaigns make sure that the designs, content, and message visually remind your services to the target audience.

Shopping Ads

We offer a wide range of Shopping Ads that can assist your business to get more ROI. Our PPC experts design Ads that let you promote the product using an image, title, description, etc. which helps in getting more ratings and promotions and encourage customers to trust your brand.

Video ads

Video advertising helps to attract your customers and let them spend more time watching about your products and services rather than reading text. We can assist you in creating effective video ad campaigns which can promote your business, get more leads and enhance conversion rates.

Facebook Advertising

We offer Facebook advertising services that assist your business to have online followers, improve brand awareness and enhance lead generation. As a top PPC company in Bangalore, we create Facebook ads which focus on huge audiences through various ads using latest targeting options.

Twitter Advertising

We offer impactful Twitter Ad campaigns that can assist your business to have a positive image among your competitors on the social media platform. We offer creative, compelling and engaging twitter ads that will target the potential customers generating more leads and sales.

Why choose Nextbrain, PPC company in Bangalore?

As the best PPC company in Bangalore, India, we have Microsoft advertising specialists and certified Google Ads experts to manage all your ads effectively on various platforms. In order to gain good ROI, you require a top PPC management company which is experienced, takes data-driven decisions, optimizes your ads & campaigns continuously, and focuses on your entire business to assist you in converting the visitors into leads. Being a reputed PPC company in Bangalore, our team of PPC experts have in-depth knowledge of display advertising, search advertising, mobile app advertising, video advertising, and shopping advertising. Avail our PPC services to obtain more sales and improve your business growth.

Advantages of our PPC Services

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  • What are the advantages of paid advertising?
    Paid advertising offers quicker results than organic search. It is a very affordable form of advertising which enables you to publish your message across various social media platforms.
  • How Remarketing benefits my business?
    Remarketing displays ads to the people who visit your website but not yet become your customers due to any specific reason. By using this remarketing you can easily reach all the target audience who visited your website earlier.
  • Where do my PPC ads appear?
    There are various kinds of PPC ads- search, social media, display advertising, Google shopping, remarketing, and mobile ads. All the ads will appear in the SERPs, social media, websites, or in apps that you are using. We can assist you to select the important way to implement PPC and display your ads to the potential customers.
  • Is Paid advertising beneficial for small businesses?
    Paid advertising is the most effective way to drive more traffic to your website, increase your sales and business growth. As Paid advertising is not very expensive, even small businesses can opt PPC advertising services.
  • How can I determine my PPC costs?
    There are many factors which affect the cost of PPC. The main factors include your Ad quality, bid, and targeting which usually involve factors from keywords to demographics.
  • What are the search ads and display ads?
    Search Ads and Display Ads are the most important services in paid advertising. Search ads will be displayed when the customer is already searching for a service or product whereas display ads will appear at the other times.

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