Why mobile apps are a marketing channel for the brand?

Nowadays, every business is utilizing mobile apps as an effective brand marketing platform as it improves the user experience with mobile and boosts sales.

The mobile app has become an ultimate marketing channel for the brand to support your business and provides better customer service. By having mobile apps you can provide information about offers and sales to your customers. According to the survey conducted by Ipsos, 52% of the users that are using a branded app are likely to buy the brand’s product.

Major advantages of mobile platforms as marketing tools

There are endless benefits of having a mobile app for your business. Below given are the major advantages of mobile platforms as marketing tools.

Increase brand visibility

increase brand visibility

Businesses are constantly looking for the most effective platforms through which they can advertise their brands. Apps can effectively increase the brand’s visibility and are also useful to increase the target audience. Once the business app gets installed on the mobile device, the users will see the brand’s logo repeatedly, whenever they use their mobile device.

Connect with customers

connect with customers

Mobile apps help you to connect with your customers the way no other media can. Personalized content can instantly engage your users with your app and keep them coming back for more number of times. The end-users always want to experience the content that is relevant to them and their interests. Also, create an amazing push-notification that reminds the mobile users to download your app and inspires them to utilize it. The end-users always have their mobile phone with them, so you can reach your users anytime you want. So, a mobile app plays a key role in the brand’s marketing platform.

Collect user data

collect user data

Since your app appears to be trustworthy and helpful for your users, they are more likely to share their data with you. The brands don’t need to send an email or SMS requesting users to fill up any form for a bonus. So it becomes easier with a well-structured application to get data about customer preferences.

Onboarding is one of the best options which is mostly preferred by the brands to collect information about the customers. This is done by asking the users a set of few questions that would be produced while registering. If the application offers discounts or bonuses, then the brand can ask a set of questions in return for discounts or bonuses that would attract the target audience.

Analysis of in-app behavior is one of the most advanced ways to collect user data. Users who use apps to purchase any products provide reviews that are useful in analyzing their in-app behavior. For making the digital marketing strategy, collecting personal data about the users, and analyzing their reviews can be helpful to take any kind of initiatives.

Increase customer loyalty

increase customer loyalty

For any business, a mobile app is a perfect tool to increase customer loyalty. Today, getting customer loyalty has become a great challenge for all kinds of brands. Create a connection with your customers to make them true fans of your brand. You can do that easily by offering loyalty rewards to your customers. By rewarding your repeated customers you can motivate them to purchase more and return to the app. This helps you to make your brand promotion efficiently.

Growing your target audience

growing your target audience

As mobile connection has become an essential need for many customers, mobile apps help marketers to reach many users all around the world. The geo-targeted push notifications, location-based content, and localization can send certain specific messages to the right users. These are more personalized and drive more effective sales. Users are provided with specific content based on their region. This way, a mobile app plays a crucial role in brand marketing attracting new customers. 

Increase sales ratio

increase sales ratio

Mobile apps make the buying process easier and more convenient, which in turn, improves sales. An app can increase sales by letting customers make purchases through the app itself. Mobile apps are quite a suitable platform for mobile users with convenient access to several features offered by brands. The apps are awesome in increasing the sales ratio. In this way, mobile apps act as the best platform for marketing brands.

Some common mistakes when creating a branded mobile app

some common mistakes when creating a branded mobile app

Doesn’t solve user’s problems

To create an app just for advertisement will not be enough. If you do not provide your users with the mobile app’s ongoing and convenient value, it may lead to its complete failure. To overcome this, you need to study your target audience and determine what they would like to know from your app.

Difficult to use

High-quality mobile apps should be easy and convenient to use. No customer wants to use an app that takes a lot of work, time and complicated to understand.

Lack of regular updates

Always make sure that you refresh your app as soon as you made some changes in your brand. Update your app even after small changes in your website design or a marketing strategy. Without constant updates, your app would probably be left behind.

Doesn’t create brand awareness and loyalty

If your app does not provide customers any discounts, special offers, and other app usage benefits, customers are most likely to abandon it.

Doesn’t have a personalized approach

Users always want to be sure that you are thinking of them. Know the individual needs of your customers and send valuable personalized push notifications. This is the most effective way to retain your app users.


Promote your App

Promoting branded apps requires marketing. Mainly your potential users must know that your app exists. So after creating an app, you must know how to start a successful campaign to promote your mobile app.


To show your users that your app is trustworthy, it is necessary to feature your app on the website. You can even create a landing page for your app and also make sure to include a link to it.

Write a blog

Write about your mobile app on your website. Write effective content that attracts your customers to download your app.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a good option for app promotion. Just a basic email or newsletter can promote your app. Just provide the details about your app and highlight your mobile app features.

Social media

Today one of the most effective ways of promoting your mobile app is through social media. Post the content about your mobile app so that it easily reaches your target audience.

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Many brands create a mobile app for their brand promotion as it is a powerful marketing tool. Mobile apps help in enabling interactions between brands and customers, which helps in increasing both sales and loyalty. Get the best mobile app developed Nextbrain Technologies.




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