Today there are many online platforms available to build an e-commerce website. It is more important to choose the best platform before going to start an eCommerce website.

Wordpress and Magento are the best e-commerce websites that are widely used by most of the businesses. It is necessary to know the basic concepts of Wordpress and Magento so that you will be in an ideal position to decide which platform to choose to build your eCommerce website.

wordpress vs magento

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is one of the well-known open-source content management systems (CMS). It is mainly used for content-driven websites like blogs.  Wordpress is not a native e-commerce platform for the online business and it provides robust e-commerce services by having unique WordPress plugins.

What is Magento?

Magento is the best open-source platform for eCommerce websites all across the world. The main advantage of using Magento is its flexibility which supports e-commerce related applications. It has robust features, awesome functionalities, and distinctive extensions.

Facts about Magento and Wordpress

Magento and WordPress are open-source platforms which helps to achieve many advantages for free. You can easily integrate many e-commerce functionalities which can increase your online business growth, apart from including the blog functionalities to post content applicable to your business for its development on the digital platform. Both Magento and WordPress provide attractive themes, most interactive features, and search engine optimization (SEO). Both are user-friendly platforms that can assist you in the development of any e-commerce website.

Comparison between Magento and Wordpress

Features and functionalities

Magento is an online platform that is designed to build an e-commerce website. Hence, it has more coding applications making it a complex platform to develop an online store when compared to WordPress. In the initial stages, there can be many challenges to designing a website by the tools available with Magento. You have an option to acquire many advanced products of Magento and develop a powerful online store. Magento is flexible enough to support only the e-commerce related applications. It is having robust features, amazing functionalities, and unique extensions. It helps you to build an excellent e-commerce website.

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms for publishing content due to its user-friendly features. It gives many e-commerce plugins that are available in the market. Using these plugins, even a beginner can build an online website. As far as the flexibility provided by WordPress in its functionalities is concerned, this flexibility makes it possible for users to incorporate features to the website like a one-page checkout process, contact forms, inventory, live chat box, product catalog management and the like. While developing an e-commerce website, Wordpress offers user-friendly features to Magento.


The advanced features of Magento make it much easier to build a Multi-vendor marketplace. It provides more versatility to the website to sell both digital and physical products online. WordPress is the better choice when working on a blog or website selling a lot of virtual products online. WordPress plugins help in the development of e-commerce websites. WordPress supports easier e-commerce functions like tracking the orders, delivery and payment options, shipping management and all other services which help to build a decent website. However, Wordpress is less advanced compared with Magento.


Magento, an object-oriented platform needs a technical method to develop a website. It requires a basic knowledge of programming and coding. The security features of Magento will protect the website from any cyber-attacks. It is much easier to develop an e-commerce website with Wordpress. It is having easy options to add, simple installation of plugins and better flexibility of the platform. But, a high-quality e-commerce plugin is required for any e-commerce website developed with WordPress.

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To build a decent website although not advanced, Wordpress can be the better choice. It is better to choose Magento instead of Wordpress, to develop an advanced e-commerce website that sells a lot of products online. To generate good ROI, there are many requirements for an e-commerce site. For this expert e-commerce developers are required to suggest better solutions. Nextbrain Technologies is one of the best mobile app development companies developing robust apps with user-friendly features.




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