User interface plays a relevant role in connecting business entrepreneurs with the end-users. To accomplish this, react native is considered for bringing an aesthetic look to app development. In the blog post, we are going to delve deep into the major factors of react native elements comprising major benefits.

In this blog post, we are going to delineate the core elements of React Native and how it has become influential in building cross-platform mobile applications utilizing React native.

Introducing React native elements

React native elements are considered the popular components comprising libraries creating cross-platform mobile applications utilizing React native. They are the elements that resemble pre-curated structures and customizable UI elements. It eradicates the hassle of consolidating the packages and providing a pre-made kit for a uniform API feel. For a complete understanding of the React components, we need to understand the advantages of React native elements.

Major benefits of React native elements

Major benefits of React native elements

React native elements are easy-to-build blocks that enable you to develop intuitive and engaging native applications. At Nextbrain, we have a core team of professionals having many years of expertise in creating world-class products leveraging React native UI libraries. For instance, React native vector icons are capable of enhancing functionality and React Native Developers can leverage it for development purposes. It is time to dive into the distinct aspects of react native elements which will enable you to integrate premium-quality components into your React Native app effectively.

Cross-platform functionality

React native elements offer simplified cross-platform functionality resulting in creating applications that work seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. The elements are created to administer a native look extensively delivering a consistent user experience across different devices.

Embellished development speed

Having a vast array of predesigned UI components effortlessly boosts development. As the leading React Native App Development Company, Nextbrain comprises developers who are capable of leveraging these elements instead of beginning from scratch, thereby saving time & effort.

User-friendly interface

React native elements provide an interactive and user-friendly interface as its inbuilt TypeSscript support allows developers to start working on their projects at the time of integrating with the Expo tool significantly simplifying the development process.

Customizable features

The elements curated by React native components are easily customizable enabling developers to modify and style the behavior of applications. It comprises customization options for aligning the UI with specific requirements and branding.

Theming support

Having effective theming support, the React native elements allow developers to define global styles as well as customize visual aspects of apps. It amplifies a professional look within the app atmosphere reinforcing brand identity.

Community support

With a community of professional developers defining the React native elements, it provides relevant resources for enabling React native app developers to leverage shared knowledge as well as best practices for enhancing React native apps.

What are the components of React native elements?

React native covers elements catering to distinct elements of the software development lifecycle. It provides comprehensive functionality for everyday applications. Let's take a look at the few components of React native elements.


Dialogues can easily communicate and display information in structured card formats complete with titles, images, and customizable content sections.


One can easily list components present in visually appealing data structures utilizing components that are designed to create lists.


It comprises cards that display information in a visual format complete with titles, images and content sections.


The input components enable users to easily input text as well as make selections administering a seamless and user-friendly experience.


This element focuses on the critical data and notifications with visually appealing badge elements grabbing user attention


The divider element enhances your app designs and crafts a visual separation between content sections.


One can use customizable header elements to create a consistent and reactive navigation experience throughout the app.

Additionally, several other components make React native highly popular among the developer community. It empowers developers to build progressive web apps and cross-platform mobile apps easily.

Let's take a look at the different steps for implementing React native elements into your React native applications.

  • Installing React native elements

React native element library can be installed by following the command in your project directory by using npm or yarn.

  • Installing react native safe area context
  • Installing peer dependencies for react native elements
  • React native components can be integrated into your application. The render method can be updated in your component using:

import React from 'react'; import { View, Button } from 'react-native'; import { ThemeProvider } from '@rneui/themed'; export default function MyComponent() { const onPressButton = () => { console.log('Button pressed!'); };

  • This is followed by integrating components into applications including Card, ListItem, and so forth.

Customize components

The elements proffer superior customization options enabling you to tailor their appearance, properties and style to align with your app design.

Wrapping Up

After completely observing distinct aspects of React native elements it can be said that React native has simplified the development of cross-platform mobile applications. The vast array of customization options for components provides accelerated development, compatibility, and theming support. Developers can easily integrate distinct components for crafting interactive as well as visually appealing user interfaces. As the leading React Native App Development Company, Nextbrain offers innovative solutions leveraging modern technologies and tools.

Hire Dedicated React Native Developers from Nextbrain who have several years of expertise in crafting different React native solutions across different platforms. Nextbrain follows robust development strategies and technology stacks for creating world-class mobile app development solutions for businesses. Feel free to learn more about react native elements.




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