ReactJs is renowned for tackling forms as well as updating DOM smoothly. Having these abilities around the corner of ReactJs, it is mostly used by developers for creating simple applications for different industry verticals. It offered experienced developers a great opportunity to enhance their ReactJs skills by building a simple and basic calculator.

In this article, we are going to lay our focus on the significant ways that are required for developing a fundamental calculator version with the application of ReactJs. It does not have any external libraries and developers create the simple calculator by utilizing the basic concepts of Javascript, ReactJs, as well as DOM manipulation.

Approaches to reactJs calculator app development

When it comes to simple calculator development with ReactJs, it will have two form fields and only one function. The two form fields comprise one for the current number and the other for the read-only input field for displaying the result. Nowadays, most calculator apps are becoming dynamic.

Therefore, the result field will show the latest value of the sum and any number of additions that can be performed at one time. The form contains dual buttons i.e. clear and add buttons. The function of the add button is to add the current number to the sum and the clear button's function is to reset the form fields.

Implementation of the process to build calculator

In this context, we have given below the important steps to develop a simple calculator using ReactJs.

Implementation of the process to build calculator with react js


It is important to ensure that you have NodeJs and npm installed on your machine along with a code editor and a web browser. One can create a new project utilizing create-react-app.

Cleaning up the template rendition

It is relevant to eliminate the logo, App.css and all their imports from App.js. One can clean out the starter template inside the app component. This is followed by the process of creation of the form.

Creating the form

One can create a with two fields. The first one is for displaying the result and the other is for getting inputs from the user. One can add two buttons to perform add and clear operations.

Calculating the state of form

During this phase, one can import useState from React for using state variables in a functional component. The calculator rendition generally comprises two state variables. One variable functions for recording the latest value of the sum and the other for toggling the clear option. As the result is always expected to be a number, the function 'CurrentSum' can be initialized with zero and clear can be set to false.

Importance of add function

Add a function is probably an important tool within a calculator on which Reactjs framework works to create a basic calculator. The page can be prevented from reloading as the form submits by taking in the event object and calling the function preventDefault(). As the user snaps on the add button, the form collects information that the addition function has to be performed.

Now it's time to toggle the 'Clear'; flag to false and acquire the latest number entered by the user. Now the parseInt() function is used to parse the input string to an integer. Then it can be added to currentSum. Subsequently, one can clear the input field for the next number to be entered.

Relevance of clear function

Within the clear function, one can simply reset the form as well as set the state variables to their appropriate values by setting the 'clear' flag to true and 'currentSum' to zero. In order to ensure that the result field is empty during the time when the app initially loads or the Clear() function is invoked. The value of the field is set to an empty string within the useEffect as the component first mounts and the 'clear' flag is set to true.' '


With a local development server, one can view the fundamental form calculator on the page. It will perform the additions of two integers and reset the calculation as you click the clear button.

Herein, we have set forth multiple ways that can be explored and can be used for upgrading the calculator application. This, in turn, helps in processing improvisations to the application.

Application upgradation

If you want to upgrade the application, you can hire Reactjs developers having many years of experience in developing unique applications for distinct industry domains. The developers come from a firm technical background in creating high-end applications for businesses.

Updating of user interface

CSS framework can be used to give this rendition a more intriguing design and interface. One can acquire direct inspiration from the calculator application by improvising it in their own ways with the help of custom styling.

The setting of validations & alerts

Premium quality user experience comes to hand to hand with valuable feedback to users. One is capable of setting validations wherever essential as well as adding alerts to enable users to acknowledge the latest processes, events and glitches.

Extendable features

Similar to the process addition was executed, one can extend the application for performing the fundamental calculations including division, multiplication, subtraction, and many more. For the purpose of involving advanced features, the 'Math' object function of Javascript administers a complete range of mathematical functions that you can utilize anywhere else.

Conversions to a progressive web app

ReactJs administers relevant ways for converting a single-page app into a progressive web application. It offers a native feel to the user. The process of conversion into a progressive web app can be accomplished by experienced developers to be used on mobile devices as a pseudo-native application.

Keypad component

A keypad element will give the user more like an actual calculator rather than an input component. This can be considered as a separate element in App.js. It eradicates the necessity to set validation on the input field.

Final conclusion

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