Even though there are many popular off-page SEO techniques it is important to understand which techniques will work best for your ecommerce business. Off-page SEO will certainly improve your brand reputation and website traffic. All the techniques need to be analysed and prioritised depending on the specific business needs of your company. Many companies will have great social media focus as well as local vertical search engines. Most of the large organizations make use of social media and email campaigns. They also have various resources for thorough research and informative articles. Off-page SEO usually will involve various techniques which assists search engines to get a clear idea of what users think about their site.

Important SEO off page tips for ecommerce store

seo off page tips for ecommerce store

Strategically implementing off-page SEO techniques for ecommerce stores will certainly improve the brand identity and website ranking. Let's discuss the most important SEO off page tips for ecommerce stores.

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High quality internal links

Link building is one of the most popular off-page SEO techniques for the e-commerce industry. When Google observes that any high-authority and trusted websites are getting linked to your website's content, it will recognize that your online store is offering valuable and useful content for the visitors. When Google’s “search crawlers” identify a page having no links, it will surely drop that particular page. Insert any internal links like from a product/ services page to various blog pages and category pages that links with the home page, etc. A page is considered to be important depending on the various internal links built on the web page.

Social media

Social media is one of the major aspects of off-page SEO as it may have various followers who share the content of your company and also customer-generated content. Social media enables greater marketing of your business so that you can reach a number of audiences. Social media is not an important ranking factor in the view of Google. But, the links which are shared from the account of your brand will be considered as the credible backlinks. Also, social media profiles are capable of ranking high on SERPs.

Whenever a user likes a product, or post, or product, a link will be created. A Facebook post making use of a link in your post to the home page will create a backlink. This will improve the SEO ranking and brand visibility exponentially. You can also find various social media channels which your customers mainly use and what their preferences of content are. You need to create interesting and engaging posts to attract your potential customers.

Maximize Youtube's impact

On an average, Youtube gets around 1 billion views per day in which 70% will be through mobile phones. It is considered as a vertical search engine where a massive audience will keep searching for some information. It is a right platform for promotional, informative, news, or entertaining videos. You need to avoid advertising your products or services on Youtube as you lose your customers. YouTube videos require tags to allow them to be more searchable.

Do effective guest posts

Choose proper websites to make a guest post. The visitors of that website should be relevant. Look out for industry-specific trade publications which will be accepting guest posts. Approach influencers but you must avoid competitors. You need to use the guest posts to set your brand image and to build customer credibility. Many guest posts will be No-Follow links for avoiding backlink abuse and enhancing content value. It will not enhance your SERP ranking as it can only improve your website traffic.

Email campaigns

e-mail campaigns

Implement well-defined strategies and techniques to create an effective email campaign to all the email addresses obtained through the website can certainly drive previous users back to the website. Motivating email campaigns will certainly resolve any issues for a customer. Categorise various email campaigns depending on the location, personalities, location, readiness, age, etc.

Press release

Digital PR is a very popular SEO strategy as it easily improves your social proof and obtains your website more quality backlinks. As mentioned on various platforms like news websites, social media, or anywhere else assists you to enhance a better reputation for your e-commerce store that can enable search engines to identify your site as a popular website and makes your site rank on top. Additionally, effective PR will assist with better reputation management. It is very essential to justify as customers will be influenced by the reviews and opinions of other users.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is showing remarkable effects from the past few years. It is an effective way to enhance your brand identity and connect with new customers. It is important to have a perfect influencer for your business and brand. So approach someone who is genuinely interested and capable of promoting your product. It is also a good idea to use sites like Influence.co for identifying the right influencer for supporting your brand.

Local business promotion

Another well-known off-page SEO strategy is to promote your business locally. In case your ecommerce business also has any physical presence, it is necessary to promote your physical store in the proper places like Bing Local and Google My Business. Also optimize the content with the name of your location in keywords and obtain reviews from the local sites as well as the online communities.

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Don't solely depend on Google

It is not recommended to rely only on Google. By making use of vertical searches or a good search engine you will only obtain a few results that are more relevant. One of the examples may include LinkedIn. You can register your brand or company in a professional and attractive way in a proper vertical search engine and monitor all the online conversations generated.

Unique content is very crucial

unique content

Creating unique and SEO-friendly content for your website is very important. High-quality content is going to generate an ultimate off page SEO for any e-commerce stores. You will be recognized as a reputed and reliable company from the content shared in your website as well as the back links obtained. Website ranking and traffic will surely increase along with the conversion rates.


It is important to consider the right SEO off-page techniques for your business to improve your brand reputation and increase your sales. Nextbrain Technologies is a leading SEO company in Bangalore with a team of experienced SEO professionals adopting advanced off-page SEO techniques to improve your website ranking and enhance your online visibility.




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