Pertaining to the world's present rising global warming situation all around the globe, plant cultivation is becoming highly important for the world's survival. Gardening and planting become easy when you have a go-to mobile app platform for identifying different ranges of plant species. Plant identification mobile apps are effective platforms that offer simple leaf recognition systems for analyzing plant species or variations. A certain section of individuals showing interest in houseplants spends ample time researching them on websites. It is accessible for both Android and iOS devices.

Plant identifier apps are highly useful for recognizing different species of plants and knowing their names by just pointing at their pictures on smartphones. There are times when you notice a beautiful plant somewhere and want to garden but cannot discover the name. This app enables you to identify the name and species. In this blog, we are going to discuss plant identification app development and who will facilitate the app solution.

What exactly is a plant identification app?

Plant identification app platforms are highly useful in recognizing plants with images. It enables the app users to identify plants by just clicking on the flower picture or plant picture. The apps are effective as they can be useful in the crop-related farming arena or garden.

Professionals that can leverage plant identification apps



Are you fond of gardening? Then plant identification apps will enrich your knowledge regarding several trees, plants, flowers, unknown species, seeds and leaves. A number of plant identification apps not only identify plants but offer detailed tips on farming and gardening for better growth of plants. The plant identification app uses the concept of a visual recognition system that assists in identifying tree species from pictures of leaves.


When it comes to traveling, most travelers are involved in visiting woods and forests where they find different plants, trees and flowers. Travelers always will explore more and with the help of the app they can learn about the usability of distinct plants. Even when there are times when travelers receive an injury, this app will show them plants with medicinal value.


Plant farming is an excellent source of income for farmers. They can get ample information regarding plants, seeds, and fruits within some minutes using plant identification applications. These applications provide them with detailed information about pests on leaves and different leaves. It provides them with a sense of informed decision about which crop to harvest. As a top app development company, Nextbrain comprises a dedicated team of mobile app developers having many years of experience in creating highly unique mobile app platforms for different industry domains.


Zoologists have the ability to check nutrition in fruits and vegetables before considering them for animals. There are certain plants that are edible for animals who can eat plants, tree branches and flowers. In order to keep the animals healthy, zoologists have to feed them the right quantity of food.


Botany is specially dealt with education streams where students can acknowledge endangered plants, spices and natural areas. Students can access fundamental information regarding plants. As they have an overview of trees and flowers, it will become easier for their profession to grab details regarding botanists. The apps make the study more interesting by addressing their queries.

Nature Lovers

Nature lovers have a knack for different shades of nature. The plant identification apps enable them to acknowledge everything regarding a plant. The plant identification app has a strong database of several plants, trees and flowers that assist nature lovers.

Useful features of plant identification apps

useful features of plant identification app

Plant identification by fetching data from database

As you upload the plant picture in the app, the app platform begins searching for important results. The integrated image recognition engine recognizes the plant by fetching the information from the database. It displays all outputs on the screen. Users can search the suitable match as well as move towards exploring more details regarding the plant.

Taking and uploading an image of the plant

The identification of any plant has become easier with the help of the app. Therefore, users are required to take a click on the plant with their smartphone camera. In reference to this image, the plant identification app can easily detect the plant genre by uploading it to the app.


Geo-tagging is one of the potential features of this application that enables users to add location regarding when and where they found a specific plant with the feature.

Offering complete details of the plant

With the help of the plant identification applications, users can collect different data relating to plants like leaves, fruits, groups, family, origin, growth habits, popular names, scientific names and many more.

How much does it require to develop a plant identification application?

For a mobile application platform like plant identification, the cost of app development can vary from project to project as per the different client requirements. The budget of a mobile app depends on different factors such as functionality, number of features, mobile platforms, the complexity of the app, business models, engagement models and many more. The selection of the development team depends upon the rate of hiring a mobile app developer begins from $35/per hour. One can share the app requirements with a proficient mobile app development company that will give a proper quotation for you.

Top plant identification apps

Top plant identification apps


This app platform comprises many discovered plants. PlantSnap is highly powered by Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence thereby revolutionizing the complete process of plant identification. Users are capable of rapidly searching all data regarding plants and scanning a snapshot.

Garden tags

Garden tags are one of such unique plant identification apps which users can access by just completing the simple registration process. It is quite popular among gardeners and plant lovers as the app platform comprises all data regarding plants and gardening. Garden tags assist in discovering new species and recognising plants and flowers. The application is developed in a way that can connect with many professionals who assist users in identifying the plants by providing insightful data and acquiring detailed responses to several gardening issues. The app is available on Android & iOS platforms.

Final conclusion

Searching for a plant identification app development for your project? Nextbrain is the leading mobile app development company in London providing a wide range of services such as mobile app development, web development and many more. We help you to leverage free consultation for discussing and comprehending the way our experts assist in converting it into a successful mobile application. Our team comprises seasoned mobile app developers who have several years of experience in using the latest market trends and advanced tools. One can develop a robust plant identification app for business amplification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a plant identifier app useful?

Plant identification apps are highly beneficial in clearly identifying a huge number of plants that are present in gardens and forests. The plant identification app works by identifying the species and genre of plant by just capturing a click of the plant, leaves or its flower. It mainly uses the feature of visual recognition software to recognize tree species from their images.

How much does it cost for a Plant identifier app?

After observing different factors and features, a plant identification app development cost mainly depends upon the app specifications, complexities involved in the app, and the feature integrations. A standard plant identifier app can cost around $20000 however, an application with better and advanced features can cost up to $60000 depending on the requirements.

What is the unique process of app development in Nextbrain?

At Nextbrain, developers and professionals follow robust development methodologies for creating unique app platforms. Right from wireframing, prototype and mockups within the distinctive UX design process to coding, interface and debugging within the development process, deployment and many more. The deployment process involves testing, delivery and app support/maintenance.

How is artificial intelligence used in plant identification app development?

As AI is integrated in plant identification applications, it helps fight invasive species with AI, and helps in active identification of apps. The AI technology has been designed and integrated with apps to recognize numerous plant genres.




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