Mobile app development for the insurance industry will certainly help the customers and insurance agents to maintain great communication by having various effective operations. There are various advantages for insurance agencies investing in mobile application development. By the year 2025, the global insurance industry is predicted to reach around 6.4 trillion USD. The insurance industry has been playing a great role in the online business landscape. The insurance sector is known to offer various touchpoints with its clients. The recent and rapid technological advancement proves that the insurance industry introduces the latest digital solutions that make the customers to access everything at their fingertips.

Features of mobile app development for the Insurance industry

mobile app development for insurance industry

In order to develop a robust mobile application for the insurance industry, you need to consider various important features to be included. Let’s discuss the major features of mobile app development for the Insurance industry.

Admin panel

This is the page of introduction where the important and basic details of the insured person are displayed. Ensure it is clean, and lean with all clear and secure call-to-action buttons. If you consider any car insurance app, the profile page will display details related to payment buttons, roadside assistance, vehicle IDs, and also an effective option for switching policies. It is very simple to access.

Policy details

This page provides information on the policy, and the extent, and manner of your benefits. An insurance mobile app developed for iOS and Android users displays details about various policies that a single customer can be easily enrolled in like one for the bike, the other for a car, and a lot more.

Quote & Filters

This is a very important feature, especially in insurance mobile app development. Previously, we discussed the type of information that an insurer can collect using a mobile app. The Quote tab provides a feature where the mobile app is capable of collecting your information from its records and connecting you to the insurance agent or directly stating the cost of the policy. Assume if the company is having the resources for working with Big Data, it may offer discounted prices or various benefits to users depending on their frequency of exploring or asking for new policies.

File a claim

Integration of a claims-filing part acts as the prioritized phase of developing a financial application. The run-around time to file claims is a thing that is being done in the past. Submission of proofs can be as easy as clicking any picture, be it from the app scanner or the mobile phone camera. If the complete process will be done on a single page, in a better way.

Payment gateway

No question guessing, payment gateway integration is very important for any kind of app development for insurance. The gateway needs to accept payments from the network providers like Master Card, Visa, and many more. Also, automated billing for insurance policies or a single-click method of payment needs to be integrated.

Customer support

Chatbots are not considered a wonder anymore. Automated responses will act as a great fix for all kinds of questions. But, here we need to consider accidental circumstances. You may not expect a customer who’s helpless with a damaged vehicle to depend on any pre-needed answers. Also, integrate a connect with a customer representative or request the call-back option. This in-app call functionality can help in making the app more efficient, fast response machinery, and disaster averting.

Push notifications

push notification for insurance mobile app

In general, businesses will not miss a chance to enter the latest market segment along with the insurance companies. Push notifications are very essential for the insurance industry to connect with its customers. It is required to give updates to customers for purchasing your products. Hence, send daily push notifications to inform users of their exceptional sum as well as the upcoming policies they may invest in.

Document upload/ storage

In case the insurance development agency is not having a document upload option then how can the customer find a way to upload their information or documents. Not only does the mobile application need to let documents upload from any local file directory but also needs to import them from third-party servers, in the event of emails.


Mobile insurance applications assist with user engagement, increased sales, and customer satisfaction. Many insurance agencies are implementing mobile app development for their insurance business to interact well with the customers and provide seamless operations. Looking for a reliable mobile app development firm? Nextbrain Technologies is the top Mobile app development company offering secure and scalable mobile apps for the insurance industry.




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