MEAN Stack and MERN Stack are two popular web applications development technology popular stacks. Mean stack is an open source framework which helps developers to develop complex applications in simple steps. MEAN stack uses for front-end framework as Angular, meanwhile, MERN stack uses for UI as React JS.

MEAN Stack is a collection of Java script based applications used to create complex web applications. Node.JS, Angular, Express.JS, MangoDB are a group of technologies that make the combination of MEAN Stack technology. MEAN Stack technology is mainly used for web applications and mobile applications. MEAN stack is much more popular in enterprise level architecture. It is largely used for cloud ready applications. MEAN Stack provides fundamental modules and tools so it is very suitable for developers to quickly build applications. Recently web application technology has witnessed tremendous growth and change. Previously development focused on back end technologies like JAVA and PHP, now it has changed to front end technologies like Node.JS, Angular.JS, React.JS and similar technologies. This change has helped developers to save developing time to a great extent.

Why do developers choose MEAN Stack?

Single language

MEAN Stack written in one single language; Java script. So the developer can easily switch on to the server and client. So it can easily deploy web applications on the server there is no need to change to using a stand-alone server.

Open source tools

MEAN Stacks are mainly used to create cloud hosted applications, as it is an open source web stack. Some features like scalability, flexibility and extensibility make the MEAN stack application perfect for cloud hosting.

Easy language

MEAN Stack is a JAVA Script baked technology. JAVA Script is considerably easier to learn than JAVA.

Interactive user interface

MEAN Stack enables developers to create user attractive and high-quality User Interfaces. MEAN Stack follows MVC (Model View Controller)-based architecture.

Simplify the server layer

MEAN Stack allows the programmer to write the codes in simple and single language both in the client side and server. Universal coding is possible in MEAN Stack. The code written in one language can easily be transferred into another language.

Powerful community support

In MEAN Stack every technology is open source. So many well known companies and developers across the globe formed a community to make their products much better. StackOverflow is the most popular community among MEAN Stack developers.

Isomorphic encoding

It is a very easy task for the developer to shift the already written code into another code in MEAN Stack. MEAN Stack allows running both the server end and the client end. This flexibility of MEAN allows the swift code transfer to another framework while keeping its functionality intact.

MERN stack: what is special about React JS?

Features of MERN stack

mean stack developer

It is a robust and powerful technologies

MERN Stack is a collection of robust and powerful technologies. It is used to develop scalable master web applications comprising master applications including back end, front end and database components.

High performance

With React’s Virtual DOM feature MERN stack offers fast UI rendering. React library gives the freedom to optimize and organize the code for improved performance. It will help to improve the user experience and make the web application more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

More effective for small projects

MERN stack is always more suitable for small web application development. MERN is a perfect fit for building single page applications and mobile applications.

Runs on multiple servers

In MERN stack development MongoDB is used as a development solution and database management. So the developer can store data in a flexible JSON file document. MongoDB is able to run over various servers. In case the hardware fails to work the information is duplicated to keep the system.

MEAN vs MERN: Key description

AngularJS is popular among AngularJS developers for MVC architecture but MVC architecture is not useful for every web application. The core difference between the MEAN and MERN stack lies in the use of the Angular JS framework and React JS library. Both MEAN and MERN Stack are dedicated to providing abstractions at the UI level. So it is quite confusing to choose among these frameworks. AngularJS is backed by Google Inc. while React Js is the product of Facebook. For enterprise level projects MEAN stack is quite suitable. MERN is just a library, UI rendering is considerably simple.




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