No matter what business you are running, but in every business if your customer is disappointed then business never going to flourish. Developing a mobile app that meets customer’s expectation is very crucial. There is not a single approach to develop a perfect mobile app for any business; it totally depends on the requirement. But analyzing the requirement carefully and implementing it perfectly will make an app best. Your app must contain all features requested by the customer. App should be easy to use and responsive, should created with great design and unique features. Here are things you should consider before creating a mobile app.

Who is it for? - There is an old saying “All well if ends well”. Any app ultimately goes in the hands of end users. So developers need to consider the users of the app. If the end user is satisfied, everyone is satisfied.

Why are you building it? - The very important question that could help developers is “Where the app going to be utilized?”. Afterward developers will work on the answer as it is utilized in communication, transaction, gaming, ordering etc.

Data - While creating an app you should also consider what information will be conveyed through this app. The information should be precise according to business. Usually end users get frustrated when they suffer from improper information, lack of data etc. So developers must ensure that their application validates all the information.

Don’t forget good design - Although app should be simpler but it should be good looking and hypnotizing. So try to create pretty colorful screens, good sound effects, Beautiful fonts, popping design to impress users.

Responsive UI - UI is the screen where user interacts. So it is most important task of a developer to ensure UI is perfect or not. UI is most important asset which determines where end user will like the app or uninstall it.

Easy login - It is said that “First impression is last impression”. If the app has long process of login into application, end user will get frustrated and panic. So facilitate the users with easy login option like login with Facebook, email, Google+ etc.

Compatibility - The application should be compatible with every platform. Let everyone to enjoy the benefits your app. It should not be selective.

Simple but creative - Don’t make your app so much complex that user get frustrated and delete it. Try to keep it simple but don’t forget creativity. If your app will have unique capabilities, it will be more desirable to users.




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