Nowadays, when online businesses are rocking every aspect of their daily lifestyle, the global ecommerce players are giving hard competition as every other top brand tries to keep pace with the latest technology trends to business. Similarly, one of the biggest innovations of global technology includes the advent of artificial intelligence. It had laid a huge impact on different prospects of society.

As information technology, it has been adopted by many enterprises since its introduction. Between the years of 2018-2019, it has spread its wings from the range 5% to 20%, as per the latest Gartner report. Distinct other technologies have also been embedded within AI to perform functional excellence, operational efficiency, and many others. In this context, we will elaborate on the latest artificial intelligence applications and how they have proved beneficial to different industry verticals.

Delving deep to the different artificial intelligence applications

AI Chatbots

AI chatbot

Chatbots are generally the virtual assistant systems that, today, almost everyday households have to control different gadgets. Alexa and Siri are popular chatbots that have gained admiration in different parts of the world. Similar is Amazon’s Echo that can be used to translate human language into required actions. It completely works on the speech recognition device that can operate a distinct range of tasks on command. For instance, the AI-powered predictions of Google by utilizing anonymized data location from Google maps have the ability to track the speed of traffic motion at a time. One of the important facets of AI trends is the voice to text technology. As you press the button in Google and begin speaking, your phone converts the audio to text.

AI Personalized online shopping

In this aspect, ecommerce platforms have paved the way for global online commerce leaders to make effective use of artificial intelligence. Modern artificial intelligence applications utilize AI-powered algorithms with a view to curate filters for users. AI works in an intelligent way by collecting the user data and going through search history. Thus, they create a list of the top products searched and acknowledge that the users are looking, the AI algorithm gives suggestions of distinct add-ons relating to the product.

AI Video surveillance

The traditional methods of security cameras and surveillance required effective handling by human operations. However, this is not the same with the advent of AI applications. As human mistakes can happen at any time, AI can eliminate all these human operative glitches and procure accurate data analyzed with it. There are certain AI applications that can be given supervision, identification systems, security algorithms, to take input from security cameras. AI has the potential to identify threats and malicious actions to warn human operatives of the alert. It captures different kinds of threats that comprise invalid access, intruders, unidentified persons, and so forth.

AI Video games

AI Video games

Artificial intelligence plays a major role in the video gaming industry. The gaming industry has accepted the AI applications aimed at maximizing player participation and enjoyment over the course of time. The significant data that are collected through AI is designed to create a completely virtual gaming world. This includes actions and motives that are given to the gaming characters. Not only does it provide a realistic environment but also gives a better playing experience. Therefore, AI algorithms get incorporated into the data making games smarter than ever.

AI has also played an important role in giving 3D visualizations by embedding Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into it. Thus, it helps to enhance the overall gaming experience. The interactive and vivid way of quality graphics, AI techniques have converted the traditional playing of games to its next level.

AI Smart cars and technology

AI smart car

The 21st century evinced the techs of self-driving cars as a trendy example of artificial intelligence in the practical world. It has made it easier for dispatch and delivery. AI is becoming increasingly relevant beginning from the Autopilot project of Tesla to Google’s car driving project. Thus, the automotive industry is experiencing the explicit application of artificial intelligence into its verticals. The AI technology works in an effective way by gathering data from the cameras, GPS, maps, vehicle radars, cloud services, and many others to produce control signals for the car functionalities. The advanced deep learning algorithms are devised in a way to predict the nearby vehicles and their working.

AI Agriculture aspects

The increased demand for food has shown a significant impact on the food industry. Owing to this reason, food enterprises and businesses are utilizing robotics technology for food processing and technology. It has AI embedded in it which, in turn, assists farmers to adopt efficient ways to preserve crops from weather elements like weeds, market consumption rates, and so forth. The rising demand for food security has forced the different industry jargons to adopt more innovative approaches to advance crop shield and target production.

AI Healthcare industry

AI healthcare

The latest technological applications of AI in healthcare have proved beneficial in many aspects. It helps to diagnose patients with their diseases. Several pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are now utilizing artificial intelligence applications to assist with a drug history, drug discovery, and improve the processes that combine the method of drug launching in the market. They also play a crucial role in the clinical trial stages of vaccines. With the help of AI implementation, the clinical trial stages become actively executed such as tracking progress, drug testing, and data gathering.

AI Smart techs at home

AI smart home

When it comes to smart technology at homes, AI has most of its applications in smart homes and appliances. Thus, the human lifestyle is becoming smarter with modern innovations. A number of smart devices such as smart switches, smart locks, smart doorbells, and so on are becoming significantly important these days. A number of smart devices are there that can become more accessible to the general population these days. These smart devices can analyze and understand behavior patterns, thereby saving your time and money by administering affordable options.

AI Biometrics for attendance management

Apart from the traditional modes of people recognition, biometrics has the potential to proffer convenience and security in one platform. Deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks are the three fundamental AI concepts on which biometric functioning works. In this aspect, deep learning has an effective impact on training a model. Biometrics powered by AI as a security prospect has the potential to authenticate users depending on physiological characteristics and also on contextual cues. The incorporation of behavioral biometrics provides extra security to be used during several sequences.

AI Powered hardware

Artificial intelligence software is increasingly coming to demand during the present times. With the rising demand for AI-powered software, there is an essential need for the hardware that supports the software also augmented with time. This AI powered hardware comprises CPUs, to handle scalable workloads. Various top organizations such as Qualcomm and Nvidia have started to create chips. These chips have the ability to perform complicated AI calculations.

Final Conclusion

With passing years, business industries and enterprises are reaping the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and its application during recent times. Numerous sectors of space explorations, archaeological segments, food technology, information technology sectors and many more are utilizing AI to augment their customer experience. With the revolution of chatbots, speech recognition, virtual reality, it is becoming more of a trend. Nextbrain Technologies is a leading artificial intelligence development company in Bangalore that includes an experienced team of technical consultants, AI powered app developers, and experts. They have many years of proficiency in developing Artificial Intelligence platforms thereby integrating into advanced technologies to produce competitive results with time.




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