As per the latest report, it has been found that the manufacturing industry accounts for more than 14 million jobs across the US nation. Within a manufacturing production infrastructure, employees need to work long shifts and complete tasks at a stretch. Regardless of the business produced, manufacturing digital signage can assist in streamlining operations and advance adherence to health and safety standards involved within a system. Digital signage has the potential to improve productivity within a manufacturing unit's infrastructure.

Today, more than 90% of manufacturers are relying on digital signage for reinforcing training and improving productivity. In this blog post, we are going to explore how digital signage technology has streamlined manufacturing industry operations and unlocked the benefits for your business. Digital signage can help in keeping employees engaged and informed.

Considering digital signage serves as an asset for your manufacturing business, take a look at the relevant benefits below.

Seamless staff communication

Seamless staff communication

Digital signage plays a major role in making communication easier for managers to communicate with employees. The human brain is more inclined to memories that are caught through visual mode. Digital signage seeks an assortment of this theory by ensuring that relevant messages are shared across the organization through digital screens. Employees find it easy to remember and notice.

With Nextbrain digital signage, users are capable of disseminating information without spending money on printing out flyers or posters. Digital signage helps in setting up KPI dashboards to keep employees up to date on any relevant changes within the organization.

Keep teams on target & offer productivity updates

Digital signage makes teams more effective by administering real-time information relating to task targets, production schedules, and other inventories. Right from desk official departments to manufacturing deskless workers, messages can be displayed automatically for everyone and updated with relevant changes. Sharing information with employees helps in increasing productivity and improving motivation. Additionally, keeping employees informed will help them remain valued and enable them to remain active in business.

Boost health & safety adherence

Digital screens serve as a boon when it comes to obligatory static health and safety concerns. It showcases reminders regarding safety protocols and procedures in relevant ways. Therefore, manufacturing workers can remain informed of the various safety measures easily. In this way, workers can remain informed about the risks involved in a task and the safety measures that can be taken during work.

Emergency messaging & alerts

Emergency messaging & alerts

As things go wrong, the right situation needs to be communicated rapidly to keep people safe and secure. Digital signage can be useful for displaying emergency announcements, protocols, procedures, and so forth. It helps to keep workers safe and alert to hazards.

Workplace accidents cost companies more revenue. Digital signage can limit workplace accidents in multiple ways. Easy reminders such as wearing PPEs, health & safety tips, and urgent messages relating to hazards can be broadcast through digital signage. Manufacturing digital signage has multiple benefits by rendering possibilities across the manufacturing verticals.

Enhanced corporate communications

During the time of shifts, manufacturing plant workers have very little to no email access as communication differs greatly between work environments. It has made it possible to convey information for company events and share corporate headlines. Digital signage displays alert plant staff of visitors. Digital signage is utilized to reinforce policies, training, and procedures. Visual communication has a high retention rate and this theory is the main agenda of digital signage.

Establish team engagement

The process of presenting employee success stories, focusing on production targets and team milestones enables the right people to get the deserved recognition. Manufacturing industry digital signage has proved beneficial in giving a podium where recognition and success stories can be easily displayed. There are times when manufacturers hire temporary employees and staff who are often of the opinion that they don't feel like part of the team. Digital signage provides employers with ample opportunity to engage all staff throughout the premises. It gives employees and teams effective communication goals by acknowledging contribution.

Strengthening company culture & productivity

Strengthening company culture & productivity

By sharing great concepts and unique ways of working, digital signage can promote the best ideas to people within the manufacturing facility. Not only does it strengthen company culture but also motivates them to work harder. In addition to tracking key performance indicators, digital signage is utilized to visualize real-time metrics. It displays data on a digital content platform enabling employees to track and monitor workflows in real-time. It reduces overall workspace clutter and creates a decluttered space.

How does Nextbrain help manufacturers establish unique digital signage?

Digital signage helps in reducing overall manufacturing costs by eradicating paper signs and manual processes for communicating on a massive scale. Digital displays can be easily accessed and managed from centralized access. Therefore content changes can be made within a few clicks. Nextbrain digital signage enables users to make the most of communication by integrating cloud-based or on-premises digital signage software. The primary factors that make our digital signage effective for manufacturers are budget-friendly choices, remote screen management, high security, and an easy interface.

Wrapping up: Get started with Nextbrain manufacturing digital signage

Digital signage is rapidly becoming an effective tool for different manufacturing businesses around the world. Nextbrain makes digital signage even easier for manufacturers by having simple-to-use templates, an easy dashboard, and high security that helps in keeping your communications better. At Nextbrain, our professionals have many years of experience in creating expert digital signage for Manufacturing industry verticals. Connect with our professionals to learn more about digital signage for manufacturing industries.




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