Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising are two of the most significant ways for marketing any product or business on the internet. They are, in their core, methods for attracting more and more customers to a specific service via the Internet. However the terms are used interchangeably when they are not really the same. For your marketing success, understanding their mutual differences are critical.

Digital marketing is a broader term that encompasses a variety of aspects and actions, such as product planning, promotion, and sales in marketplaces. Digital Advertising comes under digital marketing and focuses on promoting content to increase sales and engagement. In this article, we will focus on the fine differences between them and this will help you choose which process to go for when it comes to your business circumstance.

Digital marketing: what is it?

Through various strategies, digital marketing employs a variety of methods at a time to assist build a relationship with customers that leave a lasting impact on their thoughts. Marketing is increasingly concerned with promoting companies or services in a more personalized manner through the use of technology. It is a continuous process, unlike digital advertising and it involves the overall decisions made to increase the return of investment (ROI) of the business. Many parts of digital marketing are often unseen by the customer as the process is subtle and happens under the veil of technology.

Following are the various methods of digital marketing that are used according to circumstances in question

Email marketing

Emails are frequently used to advertise content, discounts, and other services such as blog subscriptions. Customers are asked to sign up for this service initially by either asking them upfront or making it a requirement for using free services.

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Content marketing

Content marketing is the process of developing promotional content such as blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, and infographics in order to raise brand recognition. Press releases also come under this category.

Inbound marketing

This method involves showing Customers things like video pop-ups and commercial adverts to attract and engage them at every stage of the purchase process. If done right, this method can significantly increase ROI.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate markers promote another company's products or services on their own website, by hosting adverts through things like YouTube Partner Program. Affiliate marketing involves the usage of such websites for business promotion

Social media marketing

Social media marketing involves building relationships with customers and your target audience. Sharing new product updates and news, hosting a giveaway and similar tactics are used to attract customers in this method. They may also involve social media ads, but those come under digital advertising.

Web development

Now to get to the most technical side of digital marketing, web development involves things like improving the business website of the client. It is done whenever the site becomes slow or search engine algorithms update themselves.

What is digital advertising?

digital advertising

Digital advertising is the process of using digitally crafted Ads to promote products, or other services using digital platforms such as social media, search engines, or other digitally accessible channels. Newspapers, pamphlets, and other conventional advertising tactics can also be utilized in conjunction with digital marketing. Due to its very nature, it is easy to trace virtually how every client takes a step or reacts to these adverts. This, in turn, tells the firm using such tactics what type of image they have in the consumer marketplaces.

Following are types of tactics used in digital advertising.

tactics in digital advertising

Search engine marketing

This tactic involves paying search engines like Google & Yahoo to include business sites on top of the search results when the user searches for a particular set of keywords. These advertisements must be paid for either when someone clicks on them or per 1000 impressions.

Ad marketing through social media

Ads that are commonly viewed on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, where the product is often seen by the maximum number of people. Social media Ad marketing involves the use of such Ads.

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Display Ads

This is the use of most basic Ads and commonly seen as graphics, captions, or banners in pop-ups or on third-party websites. They are not personalized to the users whoever views them.

Native ads

These advertisements, which show in the “recommended” category and typically fit the topic a person is looking for, don't seem like traditional display ads. They involve the help of search engines in the ad marketing process.


This advertisement process, sometimes also called retargeting, appears and presents the precise thing that a user may have looked at on another website, increasing the chance of user engagement.

Differences between Digital marketing & Digital advertisement


Following instances will point out not-so obvious differences between digital marketing & digital advertisements for the benefit of the user.

  • Digital advertising is concerned with generating sales and company conversions through online and digital platforms, whereas digital marketing is concerned with overall branding, market reach, customer engagement, and sales improvement, among other things.
  • Digital advertising's success or failure means little to digital marketing's success or failure, as the latter requires performance on several fronts in addition to advertisements and promotions.
  • Digital advertising is just a set of actions directed by the digital marketing strategy, and advertising actions can change quickly. Marketing strategies need a bit of time to change.
  • Advertisements stay in people's thoughts for a shorter period of time and are more focused on instant sales, but well-crafted marketing techniques have a longer-term impact.


As you can see, there are a lot of differences in the terms "digital marketing" and "digital advertising". These terms are often used interchangeably by people who aren't into the business but after reading this article, we hope you have gotten a clear picture of what those differences are. If you want new customers to your internet based business, you need to do both. It is best to approach digital marketing companies, if you want to market your products efficiently. Nextbrain is a digital marketing company in Bangalore that can efficiently manage marketing projects from multiple clients and have work experience spanning across many years. Nextbrain in particular has also worked with clients who come from vastly different domains.




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