Django is a free and open-source web framework that follows the model template view (MTV) architecture. It is developed for the python programming language which itself is a high level programming language that is designed for faster development. Python django together have many uses, including the development of backend web development and artificial intelligence integration. This article will focus on why that is in great detail, but first let's go over the performance of the programming language & the framework in question in the market.

It is also one of the most popular frameworks that is used by programmers today. Python was ranked as the third most popular web development language in 2021, according to Statista. Since these days django & python are very intertwined, any developers that know both technologies are in very high demand. Python was first used by developers for general purpose development, but its growing popularity also led to it being used in the realm of artificial intelligence. Now, Python is preferred by over 45% of companies for artificial intelligence development.

Industries using artificial intelligence and web development

Before diving into why python can be helpful for AI & web development, let's take a look at which industries stand to gain from such technologies. It is easy to understand why django developers are popular after looking at the list.

Industries using python django

  • Banking & fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce
  • Agriculture
  • Marketing sector
  • Food industry

Why is Python & Django the best pick for artificial intelligence?

In this section, we'll go over why Python & Django are considered best picks for AI & Backend Web development.

django web development

Shorter code

AI(Artificial Intelligence) involves a large number of algorithms, and shorter code is thus incredibly helpful while creating it. Python is one of the top programming languages among rivals due to its simplicity of developing and testing. When it comes to web application development, Django the framework is similarly predicated on the notion of "don't repeat yourself," and it comes with a slew of features that make it time- and cost-effective, as well as ideal for creating MVPs and prototypes.

Extensive library support exists for Programing language

Python comes with an extensive amount of libraries that can really help you with your AI project. Some well-known libraries for this include NumPy for scientific computing, Pybrain for machine learning, and Scipy for advanced computing. AIMA and Norvig, for example, are Python AI libraries that may be used to create AI algorithms. The Django framework also makes use of toolkits that let developers deal with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Python is highly flexible

Python is well-known for its versatility, and it may be used for any purpose, with the option of using a scripting or OOPS approach. Python, which resembles a pseudo-code language, is also more interactive than most other languages, allowing you to focus on problem solving rather than grammar. It also works well as a background language, because combining multiple data structures is useful for both backend web development and artificial intelligence.

Django offers backwards Compatibility

Django in particular provides full backward compatibility with reusable components from prior versions, including interfaces, common features, and formats. The Django release notes provide all the information a developer needs to know about changes, as well as which changes are incompatible with earlier versions. the open source nature of the framework is also of great help here, and community is partially responsible for keeping it backwards compatible. As is obvious, this helps in both AI & web development.

Python is platform independent

Python is platform-independent, which means developers can execute the same code on multiple operating systems without changing anything significantly. This is a huge advantage for both web & AI development since it allows developers to operate on a variety of platforms without worrying about compatibility difficulties. Python has its own virtual machine, known as the Python Virtual Machine, which allows this. Additionally, Python programmes may be deployed on a variety of servers without requiring any changes.

Both Python & Django are highly secure

Although python itself is considered a highly secure programming language. Django was created with lots of perspectives in mind that helps it guard against the most prevalent Python security problems. Django is known to protect against cross-site scripting and SQL injection, among other things. Django has always maintained the best standards in website security and development, and it now offers a long-term support (LTS) version.

Superior data visualization

When it comes to data visualization, Python outperforms other similar programming languages. Python makes reading and interpreting data a breeze. Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh, and other in-built tools can be used for this purpose. This not only saves time throughout the development process, but it also allows developers to have a deeper understanding of their data. Since Django is built on top of Python, developers can use these tools at all times. As you can see, this can be helpful when developers write stuff like algorithms for AI.

Python & Django are a great combination

Python is a programming language used to create machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other applications. Django, on the other hand, is a Python framework for creating online applications and servers. User authentication, CMS, and file uploads are all pre-written and ready-to-use components in Django. As a result, Python and Django are seen to be the greatest combination by developers.


As you can see, Django is one of the most popular frameworks in the programming world that runs on one of the most versatile programming languages in the world - python, and can be used for both web development and AI . However, if you really want to develop good websites and artificial intelligence, you should consult those that have years of experience doing it so that the end result is worth it in the market. A Python & django development company Nextbrain can make complex websites and regularly use python to integrate artificial intelligence in a web application. Nextbrain in particular has served clients from various domains in this regard.




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