One of my technical partners told me yesterday, I want to build the next Uber app. Well, this is obvious. We always used to hear this from potential clients too and it’s coherent. The charm and success of Uber app have impressed everybody. Uber changed the service market on large scale and made on-demand services the new world trend which later accepted by food, cleaning, design and numerous other market segments.

But the genuine question here is it easy to build an app like Uber? Well, an easy question with complex answers. This post is here to guide you through important development aspects.

If you really want to make an app like Uber, you have to make two slightly different apps, one for the passengers and one for the drivers and later both would be connected to your admin panel.

Passenger’s app features:

You can offer login and registration to users through social media, email and phone number.

- A booking interface required where users can fill details and can hire a taxi.

- You can facilitate users to see ratings and reviews of particular driver.

- You have to integrate your app with maps, and have the facility of location based search so that users can see nearby driver and can call him.

- You have to push notifications to the user to keep him updated during the booking progress and inform him about offers and coupons.

- You should add fare calculator to estimate fare during booking.

- You should facilitate users to send and receive messages so that they can discuss the trip with drivers like information about exact pick up point.

- You have to add payment gateways so that users can also pay the fare by digital mode.

- Display the ride history of previous booking and trips, and also allow them to book for same trip in just one click.

Driver’s app features:

Some of the driver’s app features will be same as of passenger’s app like login, push notification and messaging, GEO location and map. Additional features I am listing here.

- Drivers should get notifications on new bookings. Drivers should have facility to accept or reject particular request.

- There should be separate profile for drivers that passengers could view. During drivers registration he could add his driving license, pan number and all other necessary details.

- Navigation map should suggest drivers the best and shortest routes.

- Driver can estimate the fare price with discounts and offers.

- There should be page to display trip stats, earnings and payrolls.

Last but not least, the admin panel. The space from where you could store, manage and review all the in-app activities. This page should offer you quick review of all activities, total earnings, totals cabs available for rides, total passenger booked cab, total passenger cancelled cab, passengers approached to the app. From here you can manage revenue and payroll, collect data and can do research for further enhancement etc.

So I want to build an app like Uber start it from today. It is the best business idea, which had already showed its impact on past.




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