Modern Day Warrior

MDW (Modern Day Warrior) is a fitness app that helps users to track
daily fitness activities, share reports, and get fitness updates
on a daily basis. The app offers unique features and functionalities
to enhance the physical and mental health of their users.


We have designed and developed a fitness app, MDW (Modern Day Warrior) that helps customers to do body and mind related fitness activities on a daily basis. With the help of advanced tools and techniques, the users can plan a 4D Lifestyle to become a Modern Day Warrior. The app features and functionalities offer daily fitness tracking, monitors your daily routine, plays simple deposit games, and allows you to share the fitness reports to other family members. After completing the registration process and login in, users can create a simple profile. Under the deposit section, users can do their suitable tasks, body-related fitness activities, exercises, and earn points.

MDW (Modern Day Warrior) has an extensive dashboard where the admin can view the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly details of users, their deposits, notes, and notifications. Users can also access training materials, receive push notifications, access the library that has a plethora of information related to fitness, body, and mind related exercises.


  • Difficulties to provide a number of categories and subcategories that help users to do preferred tasks
  • Lack of online marketing strategies, precise strategies, and agile methodologies for developing a perfect fitness app considering the preferences and taste of the customers
  • Difficulties to provide a good library that has access to many fitness resources, training materials, etc.
  • Inability to track daily fitness to create reports and to share with their family.


Categories and Brotherhood network

MDW offers a number of categories like name, URL key, category type, created date, status, etc. According to the requirements, the admin can add, edit, or delete the categories or subcategories. The app allows the sharing of daily reports to a maximum of six family members.

Push notifications

The app allows the admin to send the push notifications to the users regarding the fitness activities, alert messages, specific reminders, etc.

Extensive dashboard

Admin can analyze the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly fitness reports, user deposits, user notes, and notifications. This feature helps to track fitness growth and improve health.

Training materials and library

The app provides access to different training materials and resources that gives necessary fitness instructions, tips, and the latest updates. Users can refer to and analyze different kinds of exercises daily.

User Journey

We focus on crafting unique digital solutions with the best user experience. We understand your requirements and analyze the issues along with in-depth
research to enhance your brand value. We provide enticing features, functionalities, and UX/UI design patterns to attract more potential customers and accelerate business growth.

MDW wireframe

Design System

We provide appealing designs, interactive content, designed screens, attractive widgets, and navigation bars that satisfy quality design standards and
to ensure a good customer experience.

color pallete

We have chosen the best colors to create an inner sense of order and balance to exhibit the best visible experience. We have given specific colors that are harmonious to the interacting screens.

color pallete


As per the brand guidelines of MDW, we focussed on maintaining consistency in typography, font, and styling to ensure an enticing, professional look, and readability.

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Headline / Subline

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Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
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User Interface Design

We have created interactive tailor-made UI designs to provide a good customer experience. We focus on creating unique, easy-to-use, responsive,
simple, consistent and visually pleasing interfaces.

MDW mobile app

The extent of our involvement

Our dedicated UI/UX designers, website developers, graphic designers, and QA experts craft the best solutions that eliminate the hassles of business.
We believe in offering refined solutions that turn your company into a unique brand.

UI + UX Design
UI + UX Design

We create attractive and unique UI/UX design patterns for your custom-made business app. We mould the right app through in-depth research and effective market analysis to keep you ahead of the competitors.


We design and develop unique digital solutions through delicate strategies, tools, and the latest technologies that sustain the competitive market. We monitor each phase of the development for better apps.


We do continuous testing and resolve all technical issues, bugs and other errors to deliver a user-friendly app. Our QA team ensures that the apps have quality standards and uniqueness before it hits the market.


In this stage, your website becomes publicly available to the online platform. We focus on the successful deployment of your app without any flaws. We have new technologies and precise enterprise deployment strategies to assist us in the process.

Our Technology Stack

We crafted unique, scalable, responsive, and user-friendly apps for your business with cutting-edge technologies such as
Laravel PHP framework, Bootstrap, PgSQL, Android (Java), iPhone (Swift). We believe in delivering perfect
digital solutions that keep you ahead of the crowd.



Our dedicated team carefully analyzed the problems and resolved them with the best solutions that meet the requirements and
goals of the business. We used the perfect resources, innovative technologies, tools, agile methodologies,
and precise strategies to handcraft the best fitness app for the well-being of the users.


Chintan Shah

July 18, 2020

Daily tracking of good habits.... Thanks Shrikant to develop this app for close group.


prabuddha ray

July 18, 2020

Am a witness of how this so so real compared to other apps in same category . In fact it's wrong to put it in health category coz it's all 5 dimensions of a man.


Hitesh Bhatt

July 18, 2020

It's awesome app and awesome program, thanks a lot to Shrikant Patel and Team... Super work!!!!!!!

Our Clients Words (MDW)

We discuss, do research, and analyze every element of the project to deliver the best solutions at reasonable price. From the
inception of the idea to the final app development stage, our dedicated team offered the best services to suit client’s requirements.

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