Many companies all over the world are hiring offshore software developers to save the software development cost. Even outsourcing offshore developers will help to find a lot of talented programmers globally. The average rates of outsourcing a software developer will differ based on the location or country. Also, the development cost will vary based on the technology stack, hiring model, expertise of the software developer, and the platform that you have chosen for hiring the offshore development team. Around 59% of companies globally are hiring offshore developers in order to save the development costs. Even if the offshore software developer costs vary depending on the location, still the organizations can save around 40% to 70% of the total development cost.

Global offshore development trends

Outsourcing an offshore software development team will no longer be a new way to optimize all the business processes. Even hiring offshore developers is a beneficial and well-accepted process. As most of the companies are in a need for web and mobile app development, many startups, businesses, and even reputed companies all over the world are looking to work with expert offshore software developers to utilize their skills and technical knowledge.

The Western Europe and the United States are the major locations for all technological development. As various reputed software companies are existing in these locations, they always look to hire experienced software developers having good knowledge in various technologies and capable of working on complex projects. As the companies already have talented software engineers, the entrepreneurs, startups, and medium sized organizations will be lacking talented resources. Due to the lack of experienced software developers, those companies will search for other locations in the world through the well known offshore software development models.

Global offshore developer rates

Among the various other destinations, there are a few most important destinations for offshore software development like Asia, America, Europe, and Africa.

Offshore developer rates in Asia

offshore developer rates in asia

Being a large continent all over the world, Asia consists of various countries with many enduring technological advancements. Let’s have a quick look at the numerous dynamics related to the offshore software developer rates in Asia.

Almost all the countries in Asia are either underdeveloped or developing due to which unemployment is the most commonly observed issue in these countries. Apart from this, there is a huge population in these countries with a low standard of living. This also impacts the offshore developer rates per hour which are very low for IT services. The offshore software developer cost in Asia is around USD 18-25 per hour.

India is the most popular destination for outsourcing of offshore developers for startups, medium sized organizations, large enterprises as well as international companies. Similar to other outsourcing destinations, the offshore developer rates in India will differ based on the expertise of the developer, complexity of your project, and many other factors. In India, the offshore developer cost will be about $19–$40 per hour.

Offshore developer rates in Latin America

Offshore developer rates in latin america

In Latin America, offshore software development is a quite new concept. Most of the companies along with the startups, entrepreneurs, and medium sized organizations in North America are looking towards Latin America for hiring offshore software developers because this region is the closest to their location. Because of this, Latin America is providing both the highest offshore development rates as well as the lowest offshore development rates. In North America the average offshore developer cost is around $46.32 per hour. Usually, the offshore software developer rate in Latin America is around USD 30-50 per hour.

Offshore developer rates in Eastern Europe

Offshore developer ratesin eastern europe

Nowadays more than a million software development companies in Eastern Europe are providing offshore software developers. The number of offshore software developers in Eastern Europe is comparatively highest which is around 1.5 developers for 100 each in that location. Almost all the tech universities are growing in the Eastern Europe which clearly shows that offshore software development teams are growing more.

One of the special facts in Eastern Europe region is the stability of finance, which reflects that offshore software developers can easily utilize the best architectures and tech facilities. Additionally in Eastern Europe, the annual growth of revenue from offshore developer outsourcing in the IT field is around 20 to 25%. If a company or an entrepreneur wants to hire an offshore software developer in Eastern Europe, the average cost of offshore developers is around USD 25-30 per hour.

Offshore developer rates in Africa

Offshore developer rates in Africa

One of the most important causes for the growth of IT companies, especially in the African is due to the presence of more young people. Due to the increase in usage of smartphones in Africa, the infrastructure of IT is improving consistently, and new perspectives are arising, causing the great tech revolution. As Africa is known to be one of the most preferred destinations for outsourcing of the offshore developers, usually to the offshore software developer cost is around USD 20-40 per hour.

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While outsourcing a offshore software developer it is important to know the offshore developer rates in that particular region. It is also important to check if the software developer is reliable and experienced. Looking to hire an experienced offshore software developer? Nextbrain Technologies is the top web and mobile app development company in Bangalore with a highly experienced team of developers having good technical knowledge and working experience on various client projects globally.




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