Every website must have an amazing website design as it increases sales, improves usability, and boosts the brand reputation. It is very crucial to have an attractive, user-friendly, and responsive website which incorporates all necessary information and reflects your brand. There are various elements that affect web design in the year 2021. Some of the important elements are user experience, security, visual presentation, and structure. Even many website designers make use of muted colors in order to display a minimalist look. Also, these colors will provide a natural feel and elegant look to the website.

Top Website Design Trends in 2021

It is always necessary to get updated about the latest trends in web design to improve the look and feel of your website. Let's discuss the most trending website design trends in 2021.

Videos as design components

web design trend video

Videos always play a vital role especially in website design. If you want to add promotional videos or interviews or on your website, then undoubtedly videos are the better way to make your target audience involved by delivering important data in an enthusiastic manner. Nowadays videos play an important role in website design. Instead of being completely informational, videos are being converted to powerful design elements. With the smooth creation of the latest technologies, videos may be included in the design of websites in a new and even exciting way.

3D Illustrations

Web design Trend 3D illustrations

There is a very thin line between Virtual Reality (VR) and reality which is very confusing. 3D effects along with the strategies within the 2D space is a good example of this action. Many designers are even greatly exploring each and every 3D element, starting from the illustrations and animations to the scenes happening with objects and images. Illustrations may even add better 3D effects and strengthen with shadows which can be the proper concept in this creative process. This can cause something which is more realistic to feel.

Organic shapes

Even though geometric shapes are the great web design trends in the year 2019, now organic shapes have occupied that place. Organic or fluid shapes are something which will not include any straight lines. These shapes are especially connected with nature, like hills, river, lake edges, etc. and how it is winding as well as asymmetrical. Fluid or organic shapes will break up the segments of a website without any rough lines or angles. Also, they may be easily used in the background, in the same way Android uses circles behind each item on its homepage.

Dark mode

Dark mode is the very popular trend in web designing in 2021. It is very trendy because it provides a low-contrast website or application which you will browse easily through even in the low-light environments. It assists in highlighting a specific type of content also. Few other reasons for opting this trend are dark mode will work as a better battery saver, it also provides the device a latest appearance, even the eyes won’t get stressed when making use of a device even in a low light environment.

Parallax animations

web design trend parallax animations
Parallax refers to an optical illusion which is usually seen in our day to day life. It will happen when the objects nearer seem to be moving quickly than the distant objects. The exclusive parallax effect especially on the website pages will look very real. The use of foreground and background for making depth is having one more benefit of immersion. It can easily convert a computer screen to appear as a theatre stage. When customers browse through the web pages, they find its performance magical.

Vector art

web design trend vector

It is always possible to add amazing graphics in your website in order to improve its look. You need not sacrifice the quality of your website and its loading time. But, it is sometimes a bit challenging when it comes to website designing. Vector art is one of the best solutions to resolve this. The SVG format files’ will allow users to scale any visuals with respect to their requirements even maintaining the quality of their original graphics’. The availability of vector art files' will allow users expecting the website design trends in 2021 to experience a consistent growth of the exclusive illustrations.


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