Nowadays in internet world information can be shared so easily and quickly that idea and businesses can spread across network in unbelievable time. As for example WhatsApp, it reaches 456 million users without investing a penny in marketing. This is a perfect example of viral application. So one should design and add features in such a way that app will spread automatically rather than begging people to share, like and review app. Here we are explaining some tricks that will practically help you to spread your app globally.

Quality content:

The contents of your app like pictures, games, products, videos, jokes, news, controversy etc., should be so appealing and full of curiosity that no one denies to share it with friends and families. Sharing capability of content is directly proportional to your apps popularity.

Reason to share:

Ola cab application provides free rides to users on sharing the application and now popularity of Ola cab is not hidden to anyone. So you must give a beneficial reason to users to share your app. If users will gain something on sharing then he will definitely go for it. Nowadays it is most effective way to make any application viral.

Social media:

Today social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp etc., are best way to spread content effectively. So you have to establish yourself on social media to advertise and spread your application globally.

Self-Sharing Strategy:

Use a creative way to make self-promotional strategy like provide award points, gift coupons, talk time etc to users on downloading the application.

Minimum Possible size:

Many users neglect the application when they found it larger in size. So keep your app’s size slim and lightweight.

Simple Design and cross platform:

Keep your application as simple as possible so that users can easily use and understand the features of app. Also let your app to run over various platforms so that every platform users can install it effectively.

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Views : 2044 | Posted on September 15, 2020