As a leading software development technology having a complete range of frameworks, Node js frameworks come with a handful of templates, libraries, and features. From the perspective of developers, it offers major benefits in overcoming setbacks for developing apps faster with fewer resources. Libraries and frameworks relating to Javascript have made everything simpler for developers. At the time of coding for multiple browsers, Javascript is the best option for front-end developers. With the rapid growth of Node.js, it has set forth the notion that Javascript is not at all restricted to the front end and simplifies the back-end development strategies.

Node.js framework is rapidly gaining popularity among developers owing to its flexibility to utilize Javascript on both the back-end and front-end of an app. Therefore, the source code of an application is consistent as a result of the use of a single language. Node.js offers functionalities for amplifying web app development speed. As a leading Node.js development company, Nextbrain offers premium quality Node.js development solutions for clients across the globe. Hire Node js developers having many years of experience in creating top Node.js development solutions for different industry verticals.

Introduction to node.js framework

A Node.js platform administers a complete array of tools, practices and guidelines for saving the overall development time. In the context of this blog, we administer a list of the top Node.js frameworks that assist developers in saving time and eradicating the requirement for additional tools.

Top node js development 2022 is considered a Javascript library for real-time web apps. It enables bidirectional and real-time communication between server and web clients. From providing different features like storing related data with each client, and broadcasting to different sockets, it also offers event-based and real-time communication. Additionally, it sends data to clients in the form of real-time charts, counters, and logs. Compatible with different platforms, devices and browsers, it enables users to concurrently edit a document and view any important changes.


As a rapid and minimalist web framework for Node.js, Express.js is properly designed to establish single-page web apps and APIs. Express js is comparatively minimal, having several features available in plugins, forming the backend component of the Mean stack. For businesses and enterprises that desire to build a product rapidly without needing legacy code, Express is the best option available for developers.

Major features of Express.js includes:

  • It is fast and assists in directing routers and servers.

  • It offers an HTTP utility process and middleware for creating a robust API quickly.

  • Express provides effective support for extensions and plugins.


As a reliable framework with numerous developers and industry experts inclining towards it, Meteor is considered a mature open-source framework for building and scaling. Completely created and written using Node.js, Meteor administers cross-platform code (iOS, Android and web) and rapid prototyping. Meteor enables robust development of features. The components generally involve lightweight architecture that helps in automatically propagating data changes. It offers code support for distinct devices and has reduced the requirement of coding mobile and web apps. It is easy to integrate with Vue, React, and Angular.


Koa is regarded as a web framework designed by Express.js that provides a strong foundational build for web applications and APIs. Async functions are capable of advancing and enhancing error handling for creating flawless platforms. The async functions make it quite simple to manage different types of content such as managing different formats of images, content personalization and many more. In this context, it is important to acknowledge the importance of in-depth app customization, lightweight architecture for ramping up app performance, and availability of ES6 generators to prevent callbacks. It serves as a modular approach for creating complex web applications.


Next.js is another kind of progressive Node.js framework for creating secure and scalable server-side apps. As a platform, it builds enterprise-grade applications by using robust app architecture for creating highly scalable applications.

Features of Nest.js:

  • It comprises a modular architecture that renders the flexibility to utilize any other libraries.

  • Having a flexible ecosystem rendering fundamental support for different kinds of server-side apps.

  • It has external libraries as a result of systematic code arrangement.

  • Javascript features provide mature and robust solutions to the Node.js community

  • Nest.js supports Object-Oriented programming language (OOP) and typescript, Functional programming, and functional reactive programming.


Fastify is a highly open-source Node.js tool providing an excellent user experience, speed, great plugin architecture and low overhead. Fastify is highly inspired by Hapi and Express. Provided its performance, it is the fastest web framework. It offers great performance, highly extensible, logging, and developer-first framework.

Final conclusion

Node js has been long acclaimed as the best software development technology with different reliable frameworks. Node js framework makes app development faster, easier and affordable. With this available framework, professionals don't need to spend time and resources on development with the help of code libraries and templates. As the leading Node.js development company, Nextbrain comprises experienced professionals and Node.js developers having years of experience in developing highly scalable and robust applications. Connect with the best professionals to know more about Node js development services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best node.js frameworks?

Node js is considered a full-stack web app development framework that utilizes MVC architecture with easy-to-write coding nomenclature. The framework is a professional choice for real-time applications owing to the fact that it enables similar code to run on a Node js server. The various Node js frameworks involve Express.js, Koa.js, Meteor.js,, Nest.js, Sails.js, total.js, and many more.

Should i use the node js framework?

Node js framework can be mainly used for creating effective web applications and microservices. Node js is mostly preferred by developers as they are easy to design. Additionally, its extensibility and ease of usage are good for developing apps around a microservice architecture.

What is the fastest node.js framework?

Among the various Node js frameworks, Fastify is the best-known NodeJS framework that is highly useful for developing high-performance apps.

Which node.js framework can be used in 2023?

In recent times, Express js is the best Node js web application framework that will be highly useful in 2023.




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