A moment of pride indeed when hard work and perseverance is recognized. Nextbrain technologies are proud and excited to announce that we have been as one of the top 100 mobile app development companies in India.

This is a great achievement for us since India has thousands of mobile app development companies and making our place in a handful hundred was not easy. Our hard work, focus on excellence and immense importance to client satisfaction has made us ahead of other mobile app development companies.

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Although a relatively new firm founded in 2016, we are a rapidly-growing company moving towards the top of our industry. Specializing in web and app development, we have a knowledgeable team with a wide range of skills to bring any of your ideas to life. We work with clients in almost any industry and aim to deliver only the highest quality of services. Because of this, we have been named one of the top 250 B2B service providers by Clutch as a Top App Developer in India. Clutch is a rating and review firm based in Washington D.C. that provides verified reviews for thousands of companies by interviewing clients as well as by using an objective scoring system that judges based on factors such as industry recognition and market presence. 

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One of our clients, the COO of a startup, had this to say about us: “The most impressive fact about this company is the speed and attention to detail with which they completed our project….They helped us with everything, even parts that went beyond the initial scope because they wanted us to succeed.” Another one of our clients, the founder of an on-demand food delivery application, said this: “They handled us extremely well and delivered something unimaginable and unexpected. Kudos to the team, and I highly recommend them.

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The experts at Nextbrain Technologies have been successful in being focused on excellence and development of the best mobile apps with niche technology and customer satisfaction. Achieving this honor and position of being among the top 100 companies in India was not easy. However, such rating does not satisfy us, but encourages us and motivates to climb up the ladder of success even faster. We work with various industries, developing useful and feature loaded mobile apps for them, to be deployed in business. Our variety, technology efficiency, customization, importance to details and client satisfaction has helped us reach this position.

We are proud of what our clients have said about us, as it shows us that we are creating value for the people that we work with. Thanks to the feedback received thus far, The Manifest – a step by step guide through the buying process – has listed Nextbrain Technologies as one of the top 100 app developers in India.

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We know what it takes to be a successful firm as we stress the idea of exceptional service and timeliness and our team members understand this. In the coming years, we are going to continue to grow, but we want to keep the same mindset we have now in order to remain successful. For more information, as well as full reviews, check out our profile on Clutch!




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