The new year evinced the release of Magento 2.4.2 version in February and established a number of enhancements to security, performance, platform, and many others. It is a great opportunity for the ecommerce store owners to provide a great online shopping experience to the customers. Therefore, it can be well-stated that the new release of the Magento 2.4.2 has been beneficial to the ecommerce platforms by giving a vast and better online shopping experience to the customers.

The latest Magento release version includes several fixes and enhancements such as 35 security features, 280 new core code fixes, and solution of 290 Github glitches. The best way to describe the 2.4.2 version is the resolution to technical glitches present in 2.4.1, followed by advanced enhancements. Taking this into account, we have put forward the different facets included in the newest version, along with the enhancements and fixes.

What are the main features of Magento 2.4.2?

With the release of the latest Magento version, online ecommerce owners have been able to maintain flexibility and seamless operations of the online platform. The new release supports Elasticsearch 7.9.x, SameSite attributes for cookies, and also, you can get an embellished PWA studio. In addition to this, it also helps the web-optimized images in the content.


Security enhancements

With the help of the latest version, the merchant operator does not need to employ any functional enhancements. The addition of the time-dependent security fixes to the security-only patch administers effective fixes for susceptibilities that have been identified in Magento 2.4.1. Several codes are implemented with quarterly releases of the Magento version. The fixation of bugs under the Progressive Web Applications is available in the project-specific release data.

Substantial security enhancements

Nearly 35 security enhancements have been made that helps to close the remote code execution as well as XSS susceptibilities. Some security enhancements have been added to make the operations highly secure and encrypted. This is done for avoiding any online attacks or data exploitation. 

The security amplifications of the Magento 2.4.2 release constitutes:

  • Magento shows messages that have malicious content in the product as well as category descriptions. This generally happens when the user tries to fill and save in the sections. 
  • The core cookies support SameSite attribute features.
  • Provides adequate security from malicious elements as file system processes in Magento have been standardized and rugged. 
  • CSP or the core content security systems have been fixed.

Platform Improvements

The Magento 2.4.2 also brings new advancements to the platform and is followed by a number of features and enhancements.

  • Started supporting Redix 6.x, and the new version remains compatible with it. 
  • Magento 2.4.2 is compatible with Elasticsearch 7.9.x.
  • It efficiently supports Varnish 6.x.
  • Online merchants can now easily adopt Composer 2.x as it also supports this.
  • The release of the new Magento version is now integrated with a single database. This eradicated the configuration of split databases into the systems. Thus, online operators have to shift to a single database approach.

Infrastructure enhancements

The new release evinced some infrastructural embellishments such as CMS, OMS, Catalog, promotions, targeting, import, export, cart, checkout, and many others.

Performance improvements

Magento 2.4.2 release is marked with performance improvements too. The enhanced codes lead to the boosting of the API performance. Additionally, it promoted admin response time for high-end deployments. It supports any complicated catalogue 20 times larger than that of Magento 2.4.1. Thus, the function of multiple scalabilities is useful to merchants.

MFT Framework

The recent rendition of Magento is enhanced with Magento Functional Testing framework. One can easily support tolerance of errors in test suite generation followed by some bug fixation.

Progressive web application studio enhancements

Inclusion of the PWA studio has been of great usage as it supports a number of functionalities: 

  • In order to abet changes via extensions, the extensibility framework has been improved. 
  • It administers support for various languages, thus enforcing localization as well as internalization. 
  • It constitutes many bug fixation and performance optimization.
  • Availability of my account for Venia.
  • Improved client-side performance.
  • Addition of elements in My account, such as address book, saved payments, payment history, wishlist, and many more.


The release anew covers some GraphQL enhancements, and the features include:

  • It improved localization support to carts, currencies, and languages.
  • It provided support for comparison lists. This enables shoppers to create their own list, add or delete items from the list, and also retain them.
  • It gives product data optimization for the availability of products and configuring with variants.
  • Support unions in Magento GraphQL.
  • Deprecation of integer object IDs

AWS support enhancements

Enhancements are added to Amazon S3 to provide support:

  • Storage of media files on AWS S3.
  • Object storage
  • Future extensibility

The new version has solved glitches associated with the sorting of the price for out of stock items, currency in multi-site deployments, and so forth.

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Adobe stock

The newest Magento 2.4.2 release marks the integration of Adobe stock into it so that one can leverage v2.1.1.

Media Gallery

Several role resources are enhanced for the media gallery. With the release of this version, merchants are capable of limiting the administrator access to only the media gallery by controlling the admin actions.

Merchants can regulate the below-mentioned actions such as:

  • Editing assets
  • Uploading assets
  • Inserting media assets into the content
  • Manage folder structure
  • Eliminating assets from media gallery 
  • Benefits of using the web-optimized image version

Additional inclusions

Apart from the major enhancements, fixes, and advancements, they also included some additional enhancements like:

  • Advanced page builder content migration 
  • Improved page builder CSS customization  
  • Introduction to B2B v1.3.1
  • Purchase order completion through online payment processes.


It is time to boost your online ecommerce platform with Magento 2.4.2 upgrades. After acknowledging the different enhancements, fixes, and advancements to the 2.4.1, you learn the relevant aspects of 2.4.2. The introduction to 2.4.2 has led to multiple benefits for the merchant and store owners. However, ecommerce website development requires effective utilization of advanced technologies and tools. The expert developers of Nextbrain technologies have many years of expertise in developing custom quality ecommerce websites and provide high-end solutions to clients globally.




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