Indoor navigation is one of the latest technology that is much more in theory all over the world and in practice in a few places only. Indoor navigation is an indoor positioning system, that helps one to find the way and navigate through the location and find out the places in proximity in unknown large venues like the hospitals, malls or any supermarket that a person visits for the first time. This is a new technology, which put into action will indeed assist a number of people all over the world, to explore new places without difficulty.

Features of Indoor Navigation

  1. Real-time positioning for the Android or the iOS devices
  2. Software development kit (SDK) in order to build the indoor navigation kit
  3. API for the application to query to the server
  4. Dashboard for the management of the app, such as floor planning, inspection of the fingerprints on the database and so on.

Indoor navigation Location tracking

 Components required

  1. Private or public cloud-based server
  2. Dashboard for the admin
  3. For custom app development SDK is required
  4. For custom integration API is required
  5. For fingerprinting, fingerprint scanner app is required

Steps to follow, to get started

1. Adding the location

• Create a digital map of the target location, where the navigation is required

• Add floors and sub-locations of the added location to accurately point out the various places in the floor

2. Setting up infrastructure

• In order to start the implementation of the app, approximately 10 Bluetooth beacons are required per 1000 square meter of the selected location, in order to ensure efficient and detailed navigation.

• The beacons have to be evenly distributed in the location such that the app is never out of the connectivity of any of the beacons at any given position, within the navigating location.

3. Additional requirements for deployment

• The mobile app should be connected to the Internet when the navigation is activated by the user.

• Beacon connectivity needs to be strong between the app and the deployed beacons.

Indoor navigation using Beacon Technology

4. Integration of SDK

• When the deployment of the equipment is done, and the map is uploaded, the interconnection between the two needs to be established.

5. Additional features

• Various additional features such as voice control and guide, push notifications, alert message when heading towards a prohibited or restricted area, could be implemented as additional features in the app.

Build your own indoor navigation mobile application to deliver your customers through your hotel, hospital or supermarkets. This will help your customers to move around without any help of the customer service assistants and help themselves with a guided map of the location they visit.

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