Booking taxi apps are mushrooming everywhere. Mobile technology has made this to grow like anything. This business can be run through just an app. There are already many players in the market like Uber, Ola. If there are so many players then how is it possible for the new player to start the online taxi booking business? There are plenty of a good idea already in the market. What is missing in the business is the uniqueness of idea.

Because of the rapidly advancing technology, there is a fair amount of possibility of your indigenous idea wooing plenty of customers in some corner of the globe. As uber started in 2009, if you look it trends of adopting different new unique idea you will find they keep adopting new unique idea in their business. As they started share taxi recently to capture a niche market segment. In the same way, Ola started Ola auto to capture that commutetor who cannot effort taxi fair, for them cost is first then luxury.

So you have to think some different idea. A new unique idea gives you to establish your business in competition. Once you get established your business then you can enter in all segment and have the competition with the big players like Uber and Ola. Effectively adapting taxi booking apps as an extension of your taxi business.

Make sure in advance the business of mobile app taxi booking must yield feasible business goals. So, before starting the business get ready with the

answers to the following questions

The scope

You have to find out the scope of business in that area. The survey helps to find out the present and future scope of a business in that area.

who are the competitors

You need to find out the competitors details. Who are those, since how long they are in the market? The turnover, what is the last few years growth rate, about their working style if possible from a to z information of the competitors.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors

You must find out the weakness of the competitors it will help you to target those areas from where you can get the business, the information of strengths of competitors will help you to make the competitive strategies.

Is there enough commutators for you in the area

Do, the survey of that area whether enough commutators are there or not who will use your services. Suppose without doing the survey you start your business in an area, later you find that your business is not getting the enough commutator because there are already good public transport facilities available in that area. So do proper research before starting your business.

Is the future quantifiable

You are not going to start a Kirana shop so that you will be depended on it. Here you are going to invest money because you think, in future, your business will grow. So find out whether there is a chance to grow in future on not. Take an example you start the business in an area without doing proper research and later the metro or other public transport facilities got available so that have a long term and short term goal for the business.

Once you have found these answer to these questions then next step is to go for an online taxi booking app. Chart out the requirements before sending it to app developers.

Make sure the app developers follow the two crucial parameters at every level of development of app


In order to create a cohesive taxi booking experience, it is very crucial to follow the fair pricing policy and maintaining the booking rates for users. Maintaining the customer-friendly fair pricing policy is very crucial to the success of taxi booking app and this must be communicated precisely to the developers.

2. The speed and efficiency in hiring a cab

There are many customers who are always in need of the taxi on urgent basis. While on the other end there are drivers who are idle and constantly looking for the customers. The symbiotic mechanism must provide a cohesive solution to meet the needs of both the parties involved.

For highest amount of customer satisfaction make sure the following parameters

• The app must be user-friendly which provides benefits to both passengers and drivers.

• Ensure all the features are available easily to customers by with simple and effective way.

• The app must be competent enough to calculate the fare based on the route selected by customers.

Make sure implementation of right tools for developing a taxi app

The significant admin panel

Do you want to begin a cab business like uber? Then you have to build an agile admin panel control. An admin panel is the combination of a web application that reviews, stores, keeps checking, monitors, and operates all business actions respective to the cab app. With the assistance of the admin panel features, you are capable of obtaining a wide-ranging overview of all business operations. In addition to this, you can also navigate the optimized route to the drivers.

The admin panel controls optimization, manages payroll, and gathers important information pertaining to the clients. In order to deal with all the day by day activities and cycles, an admin panel works to perform smooth work operations. Without a strong admin board, all work-processes suffer a setback and particularly that too when tasks are scaled.

GPS based implementation of Maps and locations

This day users want everything in no time. So make sure that GPS embedded in such way that a customer gets the cab immediately. You have to give the estimated time of arrival (ETA) on the basis of the real traffic situation.

Credit card information for hassle-free bookings

Give facility of credit booking with the credit card information to the users. Sometimes what happens, after booking customer changes the plan which may lead the probability of cancellation. So in such cases, the customers will not get any inconvenience because the cash will not be deducted from his card.

One integrated app for all the users

Develop a single app for all taxi clients by including a list of cab services. Give customer to call option and customer can insert the pickup location and destination location so the app must show the estimated fair.

Solving the server problem

The server management is a crucial game changer in this industry. A customer book the cab, it should be assigned with the nearest cab which is free immediately. Need to have a strong GPS server which can manage the location and assignment the task. The important aspect to synchronize the driver app and user app. For this, you need to have two different servers and application one for users and another for drivers. In starting stage you can take the server from the competitors or others who provide the services on rent, later can have your own servers.

Integrated payment system

Have the payment gateway like pay pal which can accept the debit and credit card payment from, users.

Add to rate the driver to app

This will contribute add to customer experience improvement and your app’s overall rating.


Believe these days most of the companies like Ola, flipchart is in the loss, but still, they are in top 10 companies as far as their turnover and customer base are concerned. Then the question is, why they are running their business in a loss? There are two main reasons, first, they try to get market share and the letter they will sell it to the others big player because the big player will get an established customer based setup and second is later they will go for a public issue, in one shot they will make the company in profit. So my suggestion does not do the business in the loss, obviously earn profit but at the same time be a smart businessman. The success of your business will be determined by the CRM (customer relationship management), your entire strategy must be customer centric.

You have to take care of the safety of a customer, customer convenience, solving the customer grievances. Last, on point is educate your associated driver, have a direct meeting with them time to time or through technology you can educate drivers about the ethic, how to behave, believe me, this will help you to make your customers loyal to you. If that is done your business will definitely succeed.




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