The technology platform model Uber has changed the way of traditional business we do forever and has had substantial success because of their innovative and very unique idea. Uber has transformed from a small silicon valley startup to a revolutionary multi-billion dollar company.

The most exciting part of “Uber of X” model is it can be implemented on numerous businesses. Many businesses have adapted the “Uber of X” model and have achieved their own success as well. It was also proved very exciting for the end users because they got new way to find movers, walk the dogs, rent out homes, rent out hotels even to order pizza. It is actually a new and exciting way to run old school businesses.

So actually “Uber of X” model can be applied on every business required by common people like on hotels and dining, Transportation, services they required, retails and entertainment.

The core concept of “Uber of X” model is to connect producers and consumers and allow them to exchange they exchange their assets in the form of Goods, services and money. The easy part of this business is that startups don’t need to hold material assets unlike traditional business. And second very exciting part is producers and consumers can search each other irrespective of their location. So “Uber of X” model opens global consumers for the producers and global producers for the consumers. Now people get lots of option for their purchase of goods and services.

So many startups following “Uber of X” because to generate creative ideas, it is very important to start from an unusual place. But to explain those ideas, they have to connect to something familiar. That’s why so many startups following Uber for X.




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