Internet of things(IoT) is the latest of all the technologies that are related to smartphones and mobile applications. It is one of the tools that allow for greater control of things and is usually closely related to hardware. It is still considered futuristic technology by many in the general public, but companies all around the world are changing this opinion by creating a landscape of IoT based applications. This article explains what steps one needs to take while developing them, and will also briefly go over the benefits of such applications.

The interest in such applications has steadily increased over the years, and now the spending on such technology in the United States alone exceeds 230+ billion dollars. There were about 22 billion IoT apps in 2018 as per Statistica, and this number is said to surpass 50 billion by the year 2050. IoT integrates information from different devices like cameras, sensors and other hardware devices that support such IoT applications and helps in remotely controlling many aspects of such devices.

Steps to be completed while building an IoT app

Following are all the steps you need to take if you need to build an IoT application. A good IoT app development company will go through all these steps before delivering such applications to their client.

iot application development

Building on a solid idea

All IoT applications start with some solid decisions like a solid understanding of what the app accomplishes, and a good plan on how you build it. Platform selection is also very important while building such applications. There are many options available, like Thingworx and Ubidots that help developers build a high-end app, but there are intricate differences between platforms that the developers need to be aware of.

Choosing hardware

Hardware selection is the next phase of developing an IoT based application. Select hardware that is not only capable of handling your project needs but also is reliable as in, it is trusted by many people and technically does not have vulnerabilities. You should go for the right choice among many micro-control boards(MCB), single-board computers(SBC) or system on chips(SOC).

Following are good for IoT app development

  • Arduino Uno
  • Intel Edison
  • Mediatek Linkit one
  • Tessel
    And the list goes on.

Focusing on scalability

A good focus on the scalability of your IoT app is crucial for its success. You can find good business collaborators that can help you do this, and hopefully, you will have a larger customer base than you expected this way. IoT is a new technology and you will not actually know how your audience will react to it. The scalability options should be discussed in the design stage so that you can be more flexible with market conditions.

UI development

A good focus on user experience and user interface always makes your app sure to succeed in the marketplace. It is also true that if you are careless in this aspect, you will lose some customers no matter the service you are offering. Also called front end development, good UI design can be made with the combination of any of the following frameworks.

  • React.js
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Backbone.js
  • D3.js
  • Bootstrap
    Many more options are available.

Back end development

A good back-end development process ensures that your app handles all data as efficiently as possible and improves the performance of the app. The user does not see any of the code, but this does not mean you can be careless. You should build on trusted frameworks, follow all standards and be as modular as possible for easy updating of such code.

Following are some frameworks and technologies popular in IoT app development.

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
    And many more.

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Creating security

IoT apps can be potential targets for hackers because of the access they have to hardware and can control multiple devices of an individual. This is why security takes priority while building IoT apps. Machine learning algorithms are the best way to secure your IoT software, but security should be approached in multiple directions just to be safe.

Following should be carefully designed if you want to design an IoT mobile app.

  • Cloud security
  • Physical security
  • Data security

Benefits of IoT applications

There are a lot of benefits of IoT applications that haven't been discussed much yet, so we’ll do it now. For starters, it improves customer experience and integrates a lot of control over many different devices and all the processes associated with such devices. Following are the other benefits it has.

iot application development

Cost reduction

IoT apps help increase efficiency by analysing all the resources you have helping you save up on them. This increases the possibility of saving costs through various indirect means while retaining the customer retention rate. The ROI in IoT apps is quite high and is expected to stay that way.


The main benefit of IoT apps is that they are highly data-driven and can collect information about your customers securely which can then be used to personalize the experience for them. Such data is also helpful while updating your apps because it can help you design your updates to suit market conditions.

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IoT apps can have a transformational effect on lives because of their capability to control both hardware and software. The degree of connectivity and control this technology offers is truly unmatched. Nextbrain Technologies, situated in Bangalore, India, is a leading IoT app development company. It has worked with clients all around the world and has top professionals in the field who can be hired at a low cost. We can help build IoT solutions that are secure, fast and have a very high functional utility. We always make sure that the products we build are scalable. We can help build IoT apps for any operating system as we have worked on both Android and iOS-based mobile devices, and we can even make your app cross-platform. If you want a custom IoT app developed by some of the best in the industry, contact us today.




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