Education is an important tool that helps you to gain a vast amount of knowledge, creates a unique outlook about life, builds perspective on every subject, and polishes your thoughts for the betterment of mankind. Thus the idea of gaining information is considered as one of our rights and it is our duty to be a literary member of this society. It is much easier to gain knowledge compared to our traditional education system. We have online platforms offering numerous sources, so E-learning app development stands forefront among those. It has a nature of flexibility that you can access from anywhere around the globe at any time. It is scalable, consistent, saves time and money, and has personalized features. Therefore the idea of educational mobile app development has a prime concern for the overall evolution of society. To build a successful educational mobile app, you can follow up on the below-mentioned techniques.

Focus on your niche

Educational app development comprises a wide spectrum of choices. It can be of various fields, specializations, school-oriented, institutional management software, assessment software, live class software, open-source learning management systems, virtual learning software, career guidance apps, etc. You must concentrate on your niche and do research on it. Collect as much information as possible. Choose the platform and the type of audience you need to consider, the features and designs to be included, analyze if it serves the intended purpose or not. All these basic questions need to be answered for the functional and reliable development of the educational app.

Develop the idea and strategy

e-learning app development

The selection of best strategies and ideas along with the effective implementation procedures are inevitable during educational mobile app development. You must have a thorough knowledge of different steps to follow. A good e-learning app development company with good expertise and experience offers the ideas like blueprints, powerful and supportive database, comprehensive and valuable content, dashboard facility and easy to login profile, scientifically proven study materials, push notifications, convenient payment methods, search functionality, different fundamentals and development strategies, and a platform for app development and to promote the maximum number of downloads.

Build your team

For the development of your app, a dedicated and professional team with great experience and expertise is mandatory. The team must have an agile approach in app development by incorporating all the necessities of the clients’. Choose a company that has unique innovative skills and precise solutions for every inconsistency. The app should be attractive with enticing designs and features. The content that you provide should be mobile-friendly, comprehensive, valuable, and worth reading. At the same time, it must be entertaining so that it allows the targeted audience to download the content multiple times. Keep the content simple so that it reaches all types of targeted audiences. All features and designs should help the app to serve its intended purpose. Integrating your app with social media to enhance visibility, thereby reaches many users.

Branding and marketing strategies

An efficient e-learning app company can develop apps that accelerate brand promotion and create a unique brand identity. Select a company that does development as well as promotional works. All marketing strategies and designs should have synchronization with the content. There are millions of apps in the Play Store and App Store, so in order to withstand the competitive environment, your app should be interactive, engaging, and unique with positive reviews and high ratings. Adopting the finest marketing strategies and promotion ideas by merging social media lead your dream educational mobile app to be at the forefront of the competitive business platforms.

Costs, markets trends, and statistics

The average cost of a fully functional educational app for kids with all the basic features costs about $10000-$15000. It can vary depending on the complexities of the designs and innovative features. As per the recent statistics, the E-learning app has a current value of 8.47% among other frequently installed apps on mobile devices which are the third most position. Other statistics imply that the global market of mobile learning apps was worth $165.36 billion in 2016.  It is expected that by 2022 the market will go beyond $243 billion, by growing at a pace of 5.08% CAGR.

Benefits of E-learning app

E-learning apps are mobile friendly and flexible. Through smartphones and tablets, users can learn using the advantages of video, podcasts, and other mechanisms. It supports multi-devices like mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Users can access the same information by using any type of gadgets at any time around the globe. E-learning apps are mobile friendly and flexible. Through smartphones and tablets, users can learn using the advantages of video, podcasts, and other mechanisms. It supports multi-devices like mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Regardless of the location, users can access the same information by using any type of gadgets at any time around the globe. E-learning apps provide content in a concise pattern so that it is easy to learn and finish the course. Moreover, it has high retention rates. Education mobile apps can offer a collaborative learning experience for those who struggle from the lack of combined studies.

How E-learning app works

The experience of e-learning apps is different for different users. In the case of students, the business revolves around them since they are the prime audience. Students can download the app from the Play Store or App Store and can register by entering necessary personal information. One must select the desired course or multiple courses and payment can be done for each through the various payment methods provided. All the downloaded notes will remain inside the app and can be accessed whenever needed.

Not all e-learning apps provide special login for parents. Therefore, the parents can also log in for their child and subscribe to the necessary courses through the same procedure. They can track the learning progress of the child and lead them.

E-learning apps offer special login for teachers. They can create their own profiles and can sell their notes and materials through it. They can also interact with subscribed students.

In every e-learning app, there is a super admin who can control every activity in the app, He can manage every user (student, parent, and teachers) and can view the currently active users, active courses, and statistics of overall income produced. He can also add, remove, and suspend any user who violates the terms and conditions of the e-learning app.


Educational mobile app development helps in spreading knowledge to millions of users all over the world. One must need internet access to polish their areas of interest. A good e-learning app development company can offer you a simple, functional, mobile-friendly, browser efficient, interactive, and smart learning experience. Nextbrain Technologies is the best mobile app development company in Bangalore which offers high-quality e-learning apps with the latest technologies and world-class expertise.




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