In the present situations, there is a high need for proper measures like social distancing and sanitization, without which there will be risk for the customers. So, many retailers are prioritizing safety measures for buyers in shopping malls, various general stores, and more. Several great measures have been taken to provide safety and kick-start their business. Apart from all these safety measures, it is highly impossible for fitting rooms to reopen because of the strict social distancing. Then it will be a great risk for the buyers to do shopping without even touching the clothes or any products they are willing to buy. Here, comes the Augmented Reality (AR) solutions where the shopping malls and retail sector can implement zero-touch, immersive, and digital solutions to make shoppers feel safe and engaged.

Importance of Augmented Reality (AR) for in-store shopping

importance of augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) solutions are very helpful especially in the pandemic times as the customers prefer to do shopping safely without the crowd gathering. AR technology provides advanced solutions for stores, shoppings malls, and more in providing interactive and engaging shopping experiences to the customers.

Safety and hygiene

Merchandise in malls which have been tried or touched need to be sanitized as a safety step repeatedly. In these kinds of situations, Augmented Reality (AR) will lead to virtual, contact-less, and 3D product experience at many stores even before the customers make their ultimate purchase decisions. A digital screen will certainly act as a mirror and will deliver an interactive and immersive shopping experience which will be easily sanitized.

Crowd management

While social distancing standards are restricting a limited number of users to be in the store, the best usage of digital technology will always go hand-in-hand, at the similar time. AR-powered devices in the mall and store premises will assist customers try-on virtually all the inventories without any requirement to have the sales assistants. Customers may also try these while having food at the food court or even playing in any arcade zones.

Increase footfalls

AR powered activations in malls will make users participate in the events which drive the store visits and improve brand engagement. For instance, the 3D experience of a car that is newly launched with just a QR scanning or the ad events that are AR-powered will assist in retaining and gaining the attention of the customers. Utilizing the offline presence is very essential to flourish in a world that is an internet-powered one. Physical experience along with digital is crucial to provide customers the capability of the offline association along with presenting them more conveniently, powered by technology.

Store of the future

augmented store of the future

AR-based monitors that are at the top of the product shelves will certainly offer a storytelling experience for your consumers, along with the details of the product by just pointing the required product at the monitor. Also, AR Visualization walls will allow personalized and unique shopping experiences that act as an ultimate marketing tool for businesses. The longer buyers experience a product, the more are the chances of buying your product. In the future stores, Augmented Reality (AR) can replace the sales assistants as well as act as an assistant and trainer for shoppers.

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AR navigation

In-store navigation using Augmented Reality is not a new concept. But, here the AR navigation will take buyers through the list of shopping items needed. In order to have faster and seamless in-store shopping, stores will provide AR navigation. An internet based platform assists customers in navigating through the store, depending on what they are willing to buy on a bill that is pre-made. The AR application will allow customers to create a shopping list by making use of the product catalog and provides the fastest path for reaching all those products, along with various details about the products. Thus it will reduce the requirement of the store assistants.

AR mirrors and Virtual try-on

Ar mirrir and virtual

AR mirrors and virtual try-on have created a great trend nowadays as most of the customers prefer to do shopping implementing this advanced technology. Customers can just stand before a mirror as well as try various outfits without any need of actually wearing them. Buyers are capable of customizing their looks by giving a try to various shoes, accessories, and apparel by utilizing hand gestures which can be easily detected by the Augmented Reality (AR) mirror.

Augmented storefronts

AR-based storefront displays will be utilized in various ways to assist in driving customers into stores. All these displays will be used to make buyers play games or even take part in any exclusive events that are hosted by the companies or brands. By participating in the promotional events of storefront, customers will get special discount cards or coupons which they can use for their shopping.


Augmented Reality (AR) is the best tool to take your buyers out of their mobile phones and get them engaged with the in-store experiences. Even most of the businesses are implementing AR technology in their stores to offer an ultimate shopping experience to their customers. Nextbrain Technologies is the best Augmented Reality app development company providing secure and scalable AR app development services to the clients worldwide.




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